3 Common Thor Gemini Problems (Troubleshooting)

thor gemini problems
thor gemini problems

Thor Industries is a famous manufacturing company that focuses on recreational vehicles. They offer a huge lineup for their users to select from. These include options for various budgets and preferences of the user.

Aside from this, you should note that while there are a lot of features on these vehicles, how many of them you get highly depends on which model you are going to purchase.

This is exactly why you should go through the specifications of a certain product before you think about getting it. Thor Gemini is one of the best lineups from the company, although, some users might still get a few problems with it. In case you do, here are some common issues and steps you can follow to fix them.

Thor Gemini Problems

  1. Power Outlets

One of the most common problems that you can get on this vehicle is your power outlets not working. This can happen for several reasons, so you should take your time checking the outlet before you jump to any conclusions. Additionally, if you have no prior knowledge about electrical stuff then you should contact a professional.

Dealing with an electrical outlet can be dangerous for people who don’t know what they are doing. Keeping this in mind, start by taking a voltmeter and check the current coming from the outlet.

If you notice that the current is fluctuating too much then there might be a problem with your battery. However, if there is no current, then you should check your other outlets.

If all of them are fine then check if your outlet uses a fuse. These are used to stop the connection when the currents are fluctuating too much, to prevent your appliances from getting damaged.

Replacing them with a new fuse should help fix your issue. If this still does not work then there might a problem with the internal wiring of your vehicle.

  1. Battery Failure

Sometimes your vehicle can completely stop running. This happens when the battery on your Thor Gemini fails to provide the vehicle with sufficient power. This is why it is important to keep regular maintenance on these batteries. There are mainly two things that you need to look out for.

Firstly, the electrodes on these devices must be clean at all times. With time, small layers of oxide can form on them which can cause the connection to come to a halt. If these have already been formed then you should first take off the connectors from your battery.

Then proceed to pour slightly warm water on the oxide layers and then wipe them off. This usually helps in cleaning up the battery. You can then connect the wires back in and your battery should now work.

Secondly, users should keep a check on the water level on their batteries. If the water levels drop below a certain point then the battery will stop charging. Users can fill the battery with different substitutes of water, some people even recommend that you use water with a lot of electrolytes.

Although, these don’t matter a lot and the best option is to use distilled water. This is because this type of water does not have any excess minerals and your batteries can work flawlessly without any problems.

  1. Problem with Furniture and Appliances

Thor Gemini users have reported that they get a lot of frequent problems with the furniture and electric appliances on their vehicles. These include the fridge not working correctly, the blinds not rolling up, drawers coming off loose, and even the tankless heater not working.

Most of the devices installed on this vehicle are owned by Thor. This is why it is recommended that you contact the support team for the company if you are getting any similar problems.

If your vehicle is under warranty then Thor Industries should be able to assist you and get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible. Although, for people who don’t have their warranty.

You should note that the company can charge you a lot of money depending on how many things need to be fixed. Considering this, you should talk to them in detail before you send in your vehicle for repairs.

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