Thor Gemini vs Compass: What’s The Difference?

thor gemini vs compass
thor gemini vs compass

People interested in purchasing motorhomes or RVs for their camping trips need to keep some things in mind. While these vehicles provide you with a lot of storage and benefits that will help you out on your trips. It is important to note that these are huge.

This makes it hard for people to store up similar vehicles in their garages. On top of this, keeping a regular maintenance check on them can also end up taking a lot of time.

Considering this, companies have also started to manufacture smaller vehicles that provide you with the same things. These are called RUVs or recreational utility vehicles.

Thor is among one of the best companies that supply these, and their Gemini and Compass are the best options that you can go for. If you are confused between these two vehicles, then this article should help you in deciding which one you should go for.

Thor Gemini vs Compass

Thor Gemini

The Thor Gemini is a B+ class RUV that has a series of models. These are usually released every single year and are direct upgrades from their previous ones.

The company keeps on implementing newer features and improvements to their older vehicles through user feedback. Considering this, you can see how much the company is focused on keeping people satisfied. The overall drive of this vehicle is amazing and because its size is smaller than a normal RV.

The Gemini can be really easy to keep stable on road. This means that the driver does not have to consistently keep both of their hands when going on a plane road. The vehicle is equipped with a V-6 Turbo engine from Ford which runs on 3.5 liters.

This provides the vehicle with a total torque power of 400 pounds and 310 horsepower. This ensures the users that they can go out on trips with their family and friends without having to worry about the weight of their storage.

Aside from this, the technology used on Thor Gemini prevents it from swaying around even when driving in windy weather or while at fast speeds. Lastly, the vehicle is equipped with an 8-inch display that has touch capabilities.

This allows users to use navigation systems or listen to the radio. You are also provided with a ton of other features on this LED display. You can either listen to songs through Bluetooth or directly access applications by installing them on the display.

Thor Compass

The Thor Compass is another series of RVs made by the company. These vehicles have been rated B by Thor. You should note that both the Compass and Gemini have almost the same features. The engine used on the vehicle as well as its LED display and other features is also the same.

The vehicle offers two different floor plans that you can select from. These change the overall layout of the interior of your vehicle and you can select one of them while purchasing this RUV.

Thor usually has both of these on display but if you are going to get the vehicle from a dealer then you should search for the plans online. This will help you in deciding which one looks better according to your preferences.  Thor Compass has an amazing interior that is well lit and looks extremely clean.

You are even provided with a Wi-Fi service in the vehicle so you can have access to the internet without any problems. One other great thing about this vehicle is that it runs on diesel. This allows users to save a lot of money when going out for long travels.

If you are interested in this vehicle then take a look at both of these. Most of the features on these are the same, with the only difference being that the interior of Thor Gemini is slightly better. Though, Compass covers this point by being slightly cheaper than the other model.

Aside from this, the color scheme used on the exterior for this vehicle is different. You can find a list of dealers that have both of these RUVs in stock by checking out the official website for this company. You can then visit the dealers to take a look at the vehicles and decide if you like them or not.

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