Thor Gemini vs Compass: What’s The Difference?

thor gemini vs compass
thor gemini vs compass

So many of us love going on a camping trip with family or friends. The popularity has grown even more in recent times with travel restrictions sometimes preventing us from going further afield.

However, camping isn’t really something that equates with luxurious or even comfortable sometimes. Not only that, but it can sometimes turn into a nightmare when it turns out some essential piece of equipment has been left behind.

Regular campers say that while they love the lifestyle, quite often sooner or later they decide they want a little more luxury than standard camping. They seek the convenience of having essential equipment already on board and not having to pack everything up each time you want to take a trip.

Those seeking more of a travelling home often would love to opt for an RV or motorhome. That way you have storage space, your own kitchen and bathroom facilities, a comfortable bedroom and living space. Basically, it’s just nice to have somewhere to relax in comfort – even when the weather is unpleasant.

It’s true that a larger vehicle like this provides many home comforts, combined with convenience, which if course opens a whole variety of opportunities to travel. However, two of the biggest downsides are the cost and the size. Unless you have a lot of garage space, finding somewhere to store your vehicle when not in use can prove difficult.

In addition to the initial outlay, which can be significant, there are further costs involved in preventative maintenance that is required to keep your vehicle in tip top condition. Not only that but it can take quite a considerable amount of time to perform all the regular checks that are needed as routine.

More recently a new class of vehicle has been born to cater for those who want the benefits of an RV but without having such a large vehicle. The RUV, the recreational utility vehicle, has been born!

Thor is one of the best companies around that produces these scaled down RV’s. Their two most popular models are Gemini and Compass. However, some consumers struggle to choose which one is best for their needs, in this article we will break down the key differences and we hope to help you make your decision.

Thor Gemini vs Compass

Thor Gemini

The Gemini is rated as a B+ class RUV and there are several models, with the company usually releasing a new model each year. They strive to continuously improve their offerings, listening to customer feedback, adding both upgraded and new features as a matter of course.

The excellent positive customer feedback is indicative of the overall high satisfaction levels. It is unanimously agreed that the overall drive quality is fantastic and it’s generally superior in terms of manoeuvrability due to its smaller size than a standard RV.

The Gemini has in-built technology that stops it swaying even during heavy winds on the road, ensuring it offers a really smooth and stable drive. This RUV is equipped with a Ford V-6 turbo engine offering 310 horsepower, providing the vehicle with 400lbs of torque power. This means the vehicle has plenty of pulling power to carry not only your passengers but ample luggage too, with complete ease.

In addition to the vehicle quality, there are lots of standard features such as heated exterior mirrors, a tilted steering wheel, power locking, cruise control, driver and passenger airbags.

There is also a raft of technological equipment including a satellite navigation system paired with an 8” touchscreen display, radio equipment with Bluetooth capability, living area power charging station for electronic devices, and a whole variety of other benefits.

Thor Compass

The Thor Compass is another B+ rated vehicle. Truth be told, although the article is about the differences between the two models, there actually aren’t any differences in the traditional sense. Both models are built on the same chassis and offer the same features as standard.

However, the differences that are evident come within the floorplans for each model, the overall layout, the options for interior fabrics, and the colour scheme options of the vehicles themselves.

Because the models change each year, your best starting point would be to have a look at the floorplans for the year you are purchasing in. Both interiors are beautifully designed, well-lit and finished with sleek, clean lines. Presently, we feel the Gemini offers a slightly superior floorplan layout.

However, the Compass has a slightly lower price point which may be more relevant to you. As to which one suits you best, that will of course depend on your individual needs and those of your family, if applicable.

If you are able to visit Thor themselves, it’s usually possible to see both models on display. However, if this is not possible, you may need to shop around to see who has which models in stock.

It may even be necessary to visit different showrooms to look at each model. Of course, it’s always possible to get the floorplan options available online with a simple search which may be enough for you to make a decision.

Your next step should be to take a look at the official website to get further information and a list of dealers to find which ones may be close to you and then make contact with them to find out which models they actually have in stock.

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