3 Ways To Fix Diehard Portable Power 1150 Not Charging

diehard portable power 1150 not charging
diehard portable power 1150 not charging

In situations where there is no nearby workshop and you are having problems with your car battery, a device like the Diehard portable power 1150 can be extremely useful and a lifesaver. Your car can be jump-started with it or your wheels can be compressed with the air compressor of this device. Your vehicle’s size may affect the efficiency of this drive.

This Diehard portable charger is an intelligent charging device that works faster, smarter, and is more secure than other devices. Additional efficiency and safety aspects are provided by improved multi-stage charging ability. Engine starting power is very strong and its solid design makes it one of the most reliable car battery chargers.

Diehard portable devices need to be charged for 45 to 50 hours before they can be used. Recent reports indicate that many customers are having trouble charging the device. Most commonly the problem occurs in the terminals of the charger due to which the device can fail to charge properly .

Sometimes, white deposits appear on the terminals due to which their resistance is increased and they can lose charging ability. You can remove these white deposits easily but you have to be very careful while handling this. You need to clean them with sandpaper that has the finest grains.

Well, this is not the only problem with this amazing device. With the passage of time, your Diehard Portable Power 1150 can also face some other problems. We have a few options that might help you fix Diehard Portable Power 1150 if you’re in the same boat.

How To Fix Diehard Portable Power 1150 Not Charging?

1. Replace Power Supply

Replace Power Supply

The charging issues are not uncommon for this device and some customers have complained about it quite a bit. The battery should be charged at least once a month to keep it in perfect condition .

You may find that you have sulfated your battery if you have not done that and your device has been sitting idle for a few months. At this point, there’s little you can do to fix the battery.

It is possible for the power supply connected to the Diehard device to be the cause of the problem if you did take good care of the battery. A surge or power cut could possibly damage the power supply. You should try buying a replacement power supply from Amazon if you recently experienced a power surge, as that should fix the issue if the battery is not damaged.

2. Replace Battery

Replace Battery

Most customers who experience charging issues resolve the issue by replacing the battery. To keep your battery in good health, you must take proper care of it. It’s not uncommon to start experiencing these issues if you fail to charge the battery once every month. It is unfortunately necessary to buy a new battery from Amazon if the battery has sulfated.

At least the Diehard device will function again, even if it is not cheap. The installation process is not that complicated, and several online tutorials provide detailed guidance. It means you won’t have to take your device to a technician to replace the battery. By ordering the battery replacement online, you can easily replace the battery on your device.

Diehard Portable Power 1150 has an in-built door present at the backside of the device. This door is used to replace the battery and it makes the process quick and easy. Ensure that no switch is turned on while you are replacing the internal battery.

It is very important to remove the clamps from the storage pegs present on the back of the device. The door has around 8 screws and once you have removed them, the door can be opened by sliding it to one side.

Remember to remove the negative nuts and bolts first. It will help you secure the battery cable. Once the nuts, bolts, and cable are removed, take the battery out of the device. Put the new battery in place of the previous one and repeat the reverse procedure. Ensure that nuts, bolts, and cables are perfectly tight.

3. Claim Warranty

Claim Warranty

Users who have owned the device for several years may use one of the two methods mentioned above. It is ideal to not have to worry about charging problems after the purchase for three to five years. You should, however, notify the manufacturer immediately if the device has recently been purchased and is not functioning.

The full warranty of a Diehard device can only be claimed if you have used the device according to the operational and maintenance manual provided by the company. If the problem in the device is due to any issues or defects in its material or there are any manufacturing errors, you can claim the full warranty within one year of the purchase.

You can claim this warranty either from the same store where you bought it from or you can take it to any Sears store or Diehard outlet near you. Your device will be replaced with a new one without any extra charges.

You may not be able to claim an exchange warranty if the problem is due to malfunctioning dispensable parts.  Your warranty might be voided if you open up the device at home. You don’t have to try and fix the problem yourself.

For your safety, It is recommended to claim the warranty after contacting the supplier. Once your replacement arrives, you will just have to wait and hope your new device will not have any charging issues.

The Use Of A Diehard Battery Charger

The diehard car battery charger should be used carefully. Connecting the charger with the battery you want to charge can be the most tricky part. It is the stage where a lot of people face problems. These problems sometimes can become serious if not handled with care. You have to follow all the safety precautions and processes given in the user manual of the Diehard device. Always remember to first connect the positive (red lead) terminal from the charger to the positive terminal of the battery.

Never connect the negative terminal first. It is a very common mistake that people make. Sparks can originate from the terminal if not connected properly. These sparks can be dangerous. Make sure the terminals are properly connected before you start the charger. If your Diehard charger is a manual one, you will have to remove it quickly when it reaches 100%.

Precautionary Measures While Using Diehard Portable Power 1150 Charger

Make sure you charge the internal battery of the device right after you purchased it. It is also very important to charge it after every use. If you have not used your device for like a month, you still need to charge it fully at least once to save the battery from being sulfated.

The sulfated battery is of no use and you will have to buy a new one. The user manual of the device has all the instructions and safety measures you need to follow. You have to read them all so that you can use the device more effectively and securely.

If you have not read the user manual, it can lead to many problems. As the manual guides you about everything you need to know about using the Diehard portable power 1150, you can stay safe by reading and following it.

Make sure that you are only using attachments that are recommended by the manufacturer. This can help you avoid risks like fire, sparking, electric shocks, and injuries to users and property. Never put your fingers on the terminals and wires.

It is very important to turn off or unplug the device when you are trying to clean or repair it. This can save you from getting an electric shock. Don’t think that you are safe from electric shock if you have just turned off the controller.

You can still get an electric shock, so it is always recommended to unplug the device. Don’t try to disassemble and reassemble the device if you have no experience in doing so. Problems like sparking, fire, or electric shock can occur due to improper reassembly.

8 thoughts on “3 Ways To Fix Diehard Portable Power 1150 Not Charging”

  1. My 1150 when plugged in to charge shows 99% charged but is dead, but has not been charged on a regular basis, is there any hope.

  2. My diehard portable power 1150 won’t charge,I take it back the store and they said that to get with you guys for replacement,so what do I do? My name is Lynn Fellure #6147011221 can you please let me know. Thanks

  3. Yes my 1150 will not charge,After reading this ,Ithink I have too replace the Battery and the compressor for tire inflation did not work when I purchased it now who do I contact about that?

  4. Hi my Diehard battery booster platinum is not charging internal battery.
    Display no longer lights up, I purchased a new wall charger off Amazon, Battery was replaced 8 months ago and was working fine. Is there an internal fuse or breaker?
    Buddy H.

  5. My DieHard Platinum display shows “8.8.8.” and won’t close the relays to allow jumpstarting. Same display when the AC adapter is plugged in. This happened after I tried a new AC Adapter from Amazon (17V, 1A, model 1710) with a connector that fits very sloppily in the socket on the jump starter. Anybody know if it’s possible to reset this, or if the unit is toast? [The other functions all work (inverter, compressor, inflator lights), but I won’t be about to charge it without opening the back and using an external charger.]

  6. My 1150 battery when plugged in to charge shows 100% charged, but when I unplug the battery the goes dead and all light displaces go out. Is this an indication that I need a new battery? ?

  7. Umm.. yes that’s a pretty good indication that the internal battery needs to be replaced and also maintained once completed, simply charge for minimum 36 -50 hours (uninterrupted) and also very important to fully charge the device once a month even if not needed. The biggest mistake people make with these is they let them sit for months on end until they need it and when they go to use it thinking it’s charged and it’s not. I hope this answers your question


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