6.4 Hemi vs 6.2 Ford- Which One Is Better?

6.4 hemi vs 6.2 ford
6.4 hemi vs 6.2 ford

If you are someone who appreciates going out on long trips. Then you should already comprehend how important it is to bring the best equipment with you. It will not only help you relax, but it will also help you avoid the majority of difficulties.

However, keeping such equipment in your vehicle might be challenging, which is why people opt for RVs and trucks. These allow you to keep your luggage without having to worry about running out of room.

When it comes to acquiring these types of cars, however, it is essential to consider the engine they are equipped with. This will assist you in determining how well the vehicle will suit your needs.

However, when it comes to these devices, many companies manufacture them, which confuses a lot of users. Two of the best engines that you can get are the 6.4 Hemi and the 6.2 Ford. This article will provide you with a comparison between these two.

6.4 Hemi vs. 6.2 Ford

6.4 Hemi

Chrysler is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the United States. They have tons of vehicles available with multiple different features. However, you should note that the company focuses more on vans and larger vehicles than sedans.

Apart from that, the company also makes engines, which may be purchased with the vehicle or independently. The HEMI engine’s architecture provides several benefits over regular engines.

It is made up of a spherical combustion chamber, shell-shaped cylinders, and cylinder tops. This results in a smaller surface area than a standard engine, which implies less energy and gas is lost and much more energy is generated. The HEMI engine’s vents are likewise situated on opposing sides of the head, allowing these motors to increase valve diameter and hence ventilation.

If you are interested in any of the equipment sold by Chrysler, then you should check out their official website. It has all the available products listed along with their specifications. Going through this will make it easier for you to purchase these. The Hemi 6.4 engine originally came out in 2005 and was manufactured by Chrysler.

Although the variant started selling under the 6.4 Hemi name after 2011, The engine can go up to a total horsepower of 525 and torque of 510. While this is a powerful device, it should be able to carry heavy loads easily when going out on long trips. There are also some issues that people have reported with it.

However, if you take care of the device properly and look out for these issues, then they can be avoided. As long as regular maintenance is done, none of these should provide you with serious problems.

Advantages of Hemi 6.4

So, because now you understand how a HEMI engine is built, the summarized benefits are as follows:


Because of the ignition architecture, a HEMI engine will provide greater speed to drivers while consuming gasoline more effectively.


Because of the HEMI engine’s construction, these long-lasting engines have a history of durability.


When drivers push on the accelerator pedal, they will notice a boost in horsepower and velocity.

Issues With Hemi 6.4

Gas Engine

Towing up steep hills with a Hemi gas engine can be difficult. Also, you can face inadequate gas mileage when hauling.

Transmission Temperature

large transmission temperatures while ascending steep hills.

How Long Will A 6.4 Hemi Last?

A Hemi engine is a heavily loaded, sturdy, and dependable engine that, when not hauling big loads, gets good gas mileage for the capacity of the vehicle. It also has the clever MDS (Multi-Displacement System) architecture built-in, which implies that whether driving down the street or on the motorway, it will shut down four cylinders and not utilize all eight cylinders to save gasoline.

These engines are engineered to be extremely durable while also being clever. They are really bulky and are subjected to extensive testing to ensure their lifetime. These engines are designed to last, so as the years pass, you can expect to see an increasing number of Hemi’s with 300K miles on the road.

6.2 Ford

Ford is another American company that most people already know about. The brand sells most of its vehicles under the Ford name, but its luxury vehicles are sold under the Lincoln luxury brand .

Just like Chrysler, there are tons of vehicles and engine systems that you can purchase from the company. They also have a website that has all the details about this equipment, making it easier for people to access all the information about them.

The 6.2 Ford engine in particular is one of the best engines that you can purchase for your vehicle.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new vehicle, then choosing this engine will be one of the best options for you. This is because the V8 engine is extremely powerful, allowing you to carry heavy equipment in your vehicle with ease.

Ford Engine Architecture

The Ford 6.2 engine is a development of the Ford V8 engine, which has been in existence for years. The 6.2L is regarded as extremely dependable for an engine of its class and capacity. The engine produces a lot of horsepower and was notably utilized in the original model Ford Raptor.

Ford Engine Issues

The 6.2 engine should be able to travel over 200,000 miles without problems, but there are a few recognized difficulties with them. The first typical problem is with the valve hinges. These are expected to wear out and fail after a certain amount of mileage. They are quite simple to change, but this is a drawback.

Leakage is yet another prevalent issue with the 6.2L engine. Gaskets on such engines have been known to break, resulting in oil leakage as they age. A 6.2L, on the other hand, should last you a long time if you keep up with regular servicing and track down problems before they become significant.

The overall torque of the engine is 430, and its horsepower is around 365. This might be lower than the 6.4 Hemi engine, but the price difference between these makes up for it.

The engine is extremely reliable and should provide you with a lot of mileage before you run into issues . If it starts to run into any serious problems before the mileage has been crossed, then you can contact the warranty services.

They should be able to fix the issue for you at a high discount or even for free. Chrysler also offers similar warranty services, but you must go through the guidelines for this service.

This should help you to check if your engine meets the requirements for using the warranty. You can also contact the support teams for both companies to ask any questions that you might have. They are quite cooperative and will even help you troubleshoot your engines in case of any emergencies or problems.

Comparison Table

  HEMI 6.4 FORD 6.2
Displacement 6.4 Liters 6.2 Liters
Horsepower 5600 RPM 5500 RPM
Torque 4000 RPM 4500 RPM
Valve 16 16
Valvetrain CHV SOHC
Cylinder Deactivation Yes No
Flex-fuel No Yes
Warranty 5 years / 100,000 miles 5 years / 60,000 miles

 Which One Will You Choose?

You have earned the right to be equipped with a vehicle that works just as hard as you do. We have discussed both models in depth; now you can select which one to purchase based on its features, pros and drawbacks.

In the end, the choice is up to you to decide which engine you should get. The 6.4 Hemi is more powerful, but the Ford 6.2 is much cheaper in comparison.

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