5 Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems (Troubleshooting)

flexsteel recliner problems
flexsteel recliner problems

Having quality furniture within your home is a joy. Nothing beats having a superior level of comfort when it’s time to put your feet up. There are a number of companies offering a wide range of options. However, many look similar and have similar features, making it even more difficult to know which manufacturer to choose.

One company with a fantastic pedigree and reputation is Flexsteel. They began trading in 1893 and have long been considered one of the finest manufacturers of power recliners. This is not only due to their premium quality but also related to the extensive range of products they offer – meaning they have something to suit all tastes.

Power recliners are considered superior to a standard manual recliner for a number of reasons. They have an almost infinite range of locking positions, are super simple to use, and often have advanced features such as power lift, massage or heat settings.

Unfortunately, this does mean their functionality is completely reduced when they encounter issues. This article will detail some of the most common problems and how best to resolve them.

Flexsteel Recliner Problems

1. Using An Extension Cord/Adapter or Surge Protector

Using An Extension CordAdapter or Surge Protector

Put simply, recliners do not work properly if they are being run through an extension cord, adaptor, or have a surge protection device added to the circuit. If any of these are on your recliner, remove them, plug directly into your power source and see if this resolved your issue. If not, read on and try some of the steps below.

2. Electricity Supply Issues

Electricity Supply Issues

If it’s not any of these above, then one of the most common issues is when your recliner just stops functioning all together, whilst this can sometimes be down to a more complicated issue, the first thing to do is check your power source as this could be a simple fix.

First things first, unplug your recliner from the power source. If you have a voltmeter, the simplest thing is to check the outlet with this and see if there is a static current. If you find there is an issue, either with no current or a fluctuating current, simply plug your recliner into a different outlet and it should start functioning properly.

If you don’t have a voltmeter to hand, then another way to check this is to use a small lamp. Plug it in to the outlet you have been using and see if the bulb comes on. If it doesn’t then this would indicate a fault with this particular outlet.

Again, try your recliner in a different outlet and hopefully it should function normally. If this is the case, you know you need to get someone qualified to fix your outlet for you. In the meantime, you can enjoy your recliner once more.

If the outlet is working fine, then it’s worth checking to see if the fault lies with the fuse within your plug. This is easily changed – just be sure to use one with the correct amp rating for your device.

3. Recliner Stopped Working

Recliner Stopped Working

The mechanism within your Flexsteel recliner is controlled by cords and wires. Over time, especially with all the movement your recliner will experience, these can become loose or even disconnect altogether, causing the mechanism to fail. Some of these wires will be the ones that send the current from your outlet to the motor within.

Don’t worry, it’s quite a common fault and should be easy enough to fix even without technical expertise. You may need to flip your recliner or move it out from its usual position in order to gain access to the area you need.

It’s also wise to have a torch to hand as it can be difficult to see the inner workings. Firstly, for your safety it’s sensible to disconnect your recliner from the power supply before you open it up.

With so many different types of recliners available it’s wise to consult the manual for your particular model before you start any work on it, especially as they can all be a little different. Reading the relevant section in the manual first will help you familiarise yourself with what you should be looking for.

If you cannot find your manual, then a search online is almost certain to find you an electronic version, which you can download and keep for future reference also, as it will contain invaluable and detailed information regarding your particular recliner model.

So, with your torch in hand, and hopefully with full knowledge of what you are looking for, light up the interior of your recliner and see if you can trace all the connections to discover any loose or disconnected ones . It should be easy to attach them back together again and be sure they are securely connected to one another.

If there is now no wobble in the wires, your recliner should start working again perfectly. If you feel the connection has a little play and isn’t as secure as you would hope, then you can always use some electrical tape to wrap around the connection to ensure it doesn’t come apart again.

4. Check Your Transformer

Check Your Transformer

Electric recliners have a step-down transformer fitted; this sits on the ground at the base of your chair. Occasionally, due to the moving nature of the recliner, it is possible a wire could have become pinched or even severed and this can burn out a transformer. Locate your transformer and have a look at the display.

There should be a green light showing at all times when connected to power. If the transformer is displaying a red light, this is indicative of an issue with the transformer and this is unlikely to be something you can fix yourself. If your recliner is under warranty, then you should report this issue to the retailer and ask them to get it fixed for you.

5. Reset Your Recliner

Reset Your Recliner

If none of the options above has fixed your issue, there is only really one last option to try. This is to perform a complete reset on your device to restore factory settings. Occasionally glitches can cause issues, so if you have changed some of the settings the system sometimes doesn’t recognise the configurations and gets confused.

Again, each model is different so it’s wise to consult the manual for your particular model. However, if you cannot find it and have been unable to locate one online, then we will assist by giving you the most common locations. You usually have 2 separate reset options.

The first is to look for a small pinhole located close to your open and close buttons -this should be labelled reset. Once you have located it, you push and hold your pin into the pinhole for a few minutes which should start the reset process.

To perform a hard reset you need to disconnect your recliner from the power supply and perform the reset again, once more holding the pin in place for a few minutes.

If your problem persists once all these steps have been followed, then there is a chance the issue is more serious, such as a burnt-out control board or damaged wiring deeper within the unit.

If your product is under warranty, then you should contact the retailer you made your purchase through to see if they can organise getting your unit fixed. Otherwise, it’s advisable to contact Flexsteel directly and see if they can recommend a technician in your area.

Be sure to keep a track of which of these solutions you have tried, if not all, as the this may help them identify your issue quicker or offer guidance as to the best person for the job.

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  1. Nov 26. Model 2600 51H. Chair raised and extended footrest but then would not go back to it’s sitting position. It would go partway and stop. Then would not raise or lower. If you pulled up on the footrest, it would raise the rest of the way. But again, would not lower. Now it doesn’t move at all.

  2. My recliner stopped working altogether. Checked with volt meter and have 29 volts going to the chair and checked plug for the motor while pushing the switch and I have no voltage. Could the cable come loose at the switch?

  3. In spite of what they say, mine said Made in China right on the box. Piece of junk. I can see that one of the steel beams in the relining mechanism is nearly broke in half, so my chair will not recline. The company will not respond, and there is no way to leave negative feedback on their facebook, instagram, or website. They sure fooled me into paying a premium price for a chair that didn’t last as long as the far less expensive ones that I have purchased from Ashley or Sears in the past. Should have known that Lifetime Warrantee was a bunch of BS.

  4. my chair has a manual handle to operate my foot rest,that handle is stuck and it cant be used to close my footrest,any ideas. thanks


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