3 Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems (Troubleshooting)

flexsteel recliner problems
flexsteel recliner problems

Having good furniture in your home feels like a blessing. It is considered to be one of the best investments. You can comfortably sit on your couch and feel relaxed.

Though, when it comes to purchasing these. Multiple companies are known for manufacturing some of the best furniture. These look similar and most features on them are also identical.

This makes it confusing to select one out of them. One of the most recommended companies is Flexsteel. They have been designing their products for quite some time now. Aside from this, people are given a huge lineup to select from.

While their recliners might be great you can still get some issues with them. We will be using this article to provide you with a list of some common problems that you can get on the Flexsteel recliner along with steps to fix them.

Flexsteel Recliner Problems

  1. Electrical Issues

The most common issue that people have been complaining about is related to electricity. Usually, you will notice that your recliner will stop functioning which is caused by the outlet you are using. Some technical problems can also cause this. Though, before getting into technical fixes it is better that you check your electrical sockets first.

Remove the main plug from it and take a voltmeter. You can then check reading from your connection to ensure there are no problems with it. If the current is fine then you can move on to the next step.

However, if you notice any fluctuations or there is no current coming then your socket is faulty. You can plug your voltmeter in another outlet to confirm this and continue using the product by plugging it in.

Another simple method to check your outlets is by connecting lamps to them. This way you can notice if the bulb is lighting up correctly or not. If not, then your socket is faulty but this can be a little inaccurate.

This is why it is recommended that you get yourself a voltmeter instead. You can then get your older outlet replaced. If the devices in your house use a fuse in them then you can fix the problem by simply replacing them instead.

Make sure that you check the current rating before installing a new one. Aside from this, another thing to consider is purchasing a surge protector. You can purchase an extension from a store nearby you and plug your recliner through it.

This will keep it protected even when the current value coming to your equipment starts fluctuating. Without these, there is a high chance that the mainboard in your recliner can get burnt. If this happens then you will have to get it completely replaced or repaired by the company.

  1. Recliner Stopped Working

The Flexsteel recliner uses cords in its system to control the entire mechanism. You should note that when moving around your couch or even sitting on it can loosen up the connection. Two wires are connected here. Out of which one of them provides current directly from your outlet which is then transported over to your motor through the next wire.

If the connection between these gets cut off then your equipment will stop functioning. These can come off quite frequently so there is no need to get panicked. You can simply flip your recliner or move it from the wall to access the connection.

Finding these can sometimes be a little tricky. So, it is recommended that you use a torch to light up the inside connection of your furniture. You can then trace along the wiring to find the connection that has come off.

Easily attach them back together and make sure that they are tightly connected. If there is no wobble in them then your recliner should start working again. Keep in mind that taking out the wire from your main outlet beforehand is also essential.

This is usually done as a precaution and should keep you safe. You can even wrap the tape around your connection to ensure it does not come off again.

If you are having trouble with finding your wires then you should note that there are many models of recliners that Flexsteel manufactures. Their wiring might be a little different from each other. This is exactly why you should consult the manual. It contains detailed information about the location of these to make the process easier for you.

You can even download a copy of the guide online by searching for your exact model. This is in case you have lost the original manual that you got with the product.

  1. Reset Your Recliner

If the problem persists then there are most likely two things that might have happened. Either the board of your furniture has completely burnt out. Any damages to the wire are also included in this.

You will then have to contact Flexsteel and tell them about your issue. They will look into it and will provide you with a solution. If your product still has a warranty on it then you can even claim it.

However, before this, you should try resetting the device instead. Sometimes there are configuration errors on the product which can cause it to stop functioning.

These usually happen when you change around the settings and the system does not recognize these successfully. By resetting the system, it should return to the factory default state.

This removes any changes that the user had made which as a result will fix your problem as well. The process is quite simple and you only require a small pin. Check the open and close buttons on your recliner and look for a pinhole. It should be labeled with a reset on top.

You can hold in the pin inside it for a few minutes which will then begin the process. Aside from this, there is another option which is called ‘hard reset’. For this, the user has to keep their recliner disconnected from the main power for at least 2 minutes. After which they can plug it back in. Hopefully, your problem will be gone afterward.

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  1. Nov 26. Model 2600 51H. Chair raised and extended footrest but then would not go back to it’s sitting position. It would go partway and stop. Then would not raise or lower. If you pulled up on the footrest, it would raise the rest of the way. But again, would not lower. Now it doesn’t move at all.


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