3 Ways To Fix RV Interior Lights Not Working

rv interior lights not working
rv interior lights not working

Before going on a long trip, you should always check the electronics and the water supply in your motorhome. A few hours of inspection can save you from a lot of trouble on your trip. It is very common for users to run into issues with electronics like interior lights that are installed in your motorhome.

Several different things can cause problems for your motorhome. This is why we will be going over some troubleshooting methods that will make it easier for you to fix the interior lights in your motorhome.

So, if you’re having issues with the lights, just follow through with the methods mentioned here to troubleshoot them.

How to Fix RV Interior Lights Not Working?

  1. Check For Damaged Wires

If most of the lights in your motorhome are working, and you are having issues with just a few of your interior lights then this issue may be caused by broken wires.

At this point, you don’t have to worry about any power-related issues, because you are getting power in some of the light bulbs in your motorhome. So, that means that the power supply is doing its job.

Now, moving on to the broken wires, you might need to take out the bulb and check the output from the wires connected to this bulb. You can use a simple voltage tester to check the wires or use a multimeter to get an exact reading on the voltage output from the terminal. If you are not getting any power from these wires then you will need to replace the wires.

However, if the power is present in the wires and you get the desired reading on the multimeter then the problem might be with the bulb itself. Depending upon the age of the bulb, it might have gone bad and you will need to replace the bulb in the fixture.

That should help you fix the interior lights that are installed in your RV.

  1. Check Switches

Another reason for the problems in interior lighting can be faulty light switches. Depending upon the type of lights you’ve installed in your motorhome, you need to ensure that the light switches are working perfectly.

If you own interior lights with the buttons installed in the light frame, then you will need to take off the light cover and check the button.

After a while, dirt starts gathering behind the button. So, you will need to clean the button properly and also check the bulb beneath the light cover. If the bulb is working perfectly, then you just have to install the light cover back into its place and that should fix the issues with the interior lights.

However, if you are using any other type of interior lights then make sure to check the connection points behind the light switch. If they are corroded then you will have to use a metal brush to remove the corrosion. After cleaning the connection points, you can connect the wires again and continue the power supply. Hopefully, the interior lights will start working at this point.

  1. Check Power Supply

This troubleshooting method is quite straightforward and if you are having issues with all of your interior lights then it is most probably related to a faulty power supply.

You can verify this claim by connecting your motorhome to shore power. If the interior lights start working at this stage, then you will need to get your batteries checked.

Along with the battery connection, you should also take a look at the fuse box and the breaker connections. Make sure to replace any blown fuses also verify that everything is flipped on and then try turning on your interior lights.

If there is nothing wrong with the breakers or the fuses then you might need to replace the batteries in your motorhome.

Take your vehicle to a repair shop first to get the wiring checked by a professional. Before replacing the batteries, you should eliminate all the other potential causes of this problem.

Because replacing the batteries can be somewhat expensive and it would be better if you can fix the problem without having to spend that much money on battery replacement. However, if you can’t find any other cause for this problem then you will have to replace the batteries.

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