Spartan Chassis vs Freightliner: What’s The Difference?

spartan chassis vs freightliner
spartan chassis vs freightliner

RV owners understand how important it is for their vehicles to have a good chassis. This prevents most problems and will also help them in having a stable ride.

The chassis of a vehicle is the overall foundation of it. This includes the tires, engine, braking system, and load capacity that you will get. This is why users should take a look at all the specifications of a chassis before they select it for themselves.

If you have already searched online or went to a dealer nearby then you should know that two of the best companies that manufacture these are Spartan and Freightliner.

You might be confused between the chassis of these two brands, this is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information you need about them.

Spartan Chassis vs Freightliner

Spartan Chassis

Both Spartan and Freightliner design and manufacture the best chassis you can find. These are highly durable and have almost no issues. Aside from this, there has been a lot of debate online about which company is better than the other.

But usually, it all ends up to the user’s personal preference. While both brands are amazing, they still have their upsides and downsides. Some of these might make choose one company over the other.

Talking about this, the best thing about Spartan Chassis is how thick their frame is. This is capable of holding up a lot more load than other chassis and you are also given access to a hydraulic radiator fan.

These fans ensure that your vehicle will not start kicking up dirt while you are driving in a campground with lots of dust. Aside from these users are given a lifetime warranty on the frame of Spartan’s chassis. This means that the company ensures its users that they will experience no problems with the frame.

If you follow the guidelines given by the company and their frame runs into an issue then you can take your chassis to the company. They will provide you with a replacement or get the frame fixed.

You should note that the customer service for Spartan is amazing and you can even contact them online or by making a call to them. If you are unsure where their dealers are, then you can visit the official website for Spartan and enter your location.

This will help you find all the dealers that are nearby you and have the parts or equipment that you require.

Freightliner Chassis

While the frame thickness on Spartan seems to be a huge upside, you should keep in mind that the frame of Freightliner is also great. While it might not be as thick as Spartan’s but you can still get a stable ride without running into any issues.

Although, keep in mind that you follow the maximum weight guidelines when storing your luggage and equipment on the vehicle. If you feel like the storage capacity is too low then you can alternatively attach a trailer to your motorhome to fix the problem.

Aside from this, an important difference between the companies is that Spartan no longer publishes its specifications. While their lineup has been the same for several years, they still improve it every single year and few adjustments are made.

But without the spec list, users are unable to notice what things have been changed and find the information about the vehicle. On the other hand, Freightliner provides its users with a complete specifications list of their chassis.

Which you can take a look at from their website or by visiting their shop. All the details about their product are given along with the changes they make every year.

This makes it easy to decide on the features you want and then select a model of chassis from their lineups. The list of chassis ranges from diesel engines to even luxury options that you can go for depending on your budget.

In the end, it is up to the user to decide which vehicle they want to go for. Both the companies are amazing and you should consider taking a look at both of them. You can then choose the model that best suits your usage.

Companies like Newmar provide their users with chassis from both Spartan as well as Freightliner.

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