4 Common Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems

Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems
Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems

Motorhomes are a comfortable way to enjoy the road while having at-home comfort wherever you go. Unfortunately, when you own a motorhome, there are problems that you need to worry about and stay prepared for.

The most common issues you’ll encounter when owning a Spartan motorhome chassis are vehicle maintenance, keeping the trailer on the road, and trouble controlling your temperature.

Fortunately, most of these issues have easy resolutions that don’t require professional intervention.

Please continue reading to learn about common Spartan motorhome chassis problems. In addition, we will teach you how to identify and fix any problems you encounter with these motor homes.

Spartan Motorhome Chassis Problems

1. Difficulty Controlling Spartan Motorhome Chassis on The Road

The most difficult problem you’ll encounter with any motorhome is steering problems. Motorhomes are larger than your average vehicle, so if you’re used to driving a daily driver, driving a motorhome can be a difficult adjustment.

Steering is especially an issue when encountering windy terrain, which can pose a road hazard. So, how do you know if you have issues controlling your Spartan motorhome chassis on the road? Look below to identify this problem.

How To Identify

The good news about this issue is that it’s extremely easy to identify. Most drivers can recognize when they’re having an issue controlling their vehicle. For example, if you steer one way but your vehicle doesn’t respond, you have a problem.

Controlling issue

Now that you understand how to identify whether or not you have a steering problem with your Spartan motorhome chassis, it’s time to discuss how you can fix this problem period if you don’t take steps to resolve this issue, you could get into an accident that will be deadly for yourself or other drivers.

Motorhome accidents can be fatal because of how large these vehicles are compared to the average vehicle on the road.


The resolution you choose to fix your steering issues on your Spartan motorhome chassis depends on what’s causing the problem. You’ll need to choose the correct resolution for your situation.

When the wind interferes with your steering: if you’re having a hard time steering your Spartan motorhome chassis only when it’s windy out, you should pull over and wait for the weather to subside.

You don’t want to drive when it’s too windy because your vehicle is not aerodynamic enough to handle this situation.

Your Spartan motorhome chassis has trouble steering altogether: if you’re having difficulty steering at your Spartan motorhome even when it’s nice out, you should either purchase a Safe-T stabilizer or visit a mechanic.

You also must put grease on your steering wheel parts often to ensure things stay smooth on the road.

If you need to visit a mechanic for your issue, you should find one specializing in RV maintenance. They will know all the parts to investigate during your steering mishaps and find the resolution on your behalf.

This method is great so that you don’t have to tinker with anything and risk further damage.

2. Vehicle Maintenance Issues

When you own a motorhome, it’s crucial that you participate in vehicle maintenance as often as possible. You could get stuck somewhere undesirable if you need to properly maintain your motorhome.

If you let your vehicle maintenance mishaps get out of hand, you can have trouble fixing your vehicle and may need a replacement. Your engine can only take so much neglect, and maintaining a motorhome is more difficult than maintaining a standard vehicle.

Now that you understand vehicle maintenance issues, it’s time to discuss how to identify them before they worsen. Even though it’s important to maintain your RV consistently, sometimes People forget until they have an issue.

How To Identify

There are a few different ways you can identify engine problems in your Spartan motorhome chassis. For example, you can look at the dash on your motorhome to see if any lights are going off. This is the first indicator many people have to identify engine issues.

However, sometimes the lights on your dash don’t work properly, so you must watch out for a few other things. You can identify engine issues in your Spartan motorhome by feeling how your engine runs.

For example, if you notice your engine shaking, this is a sure sign that something severe is at hand.

Alternatively, if you’re running low on oil or other fuels, you may notice it’s difficult to break or hit the gas.

Below, we will discuss the resolutions to these common engine problems so you can keep your motorhome up and running.


Now that you understand common vehicle maintenance issues you can encounter with a Spartan motorhome chassis, it’s time to discuss the most common resolutions owners need to perform.

  1. Stop driving your motorhome. You can end up stranded if you keep driving your motorhome when you encounter engine issues due to a lack of maintenance.
  2. Check your oil levels to see if you need to top things off or get an oil change. If the oil looks muddy instead of fluid, it’s time to change. Also, if the stick comes out clean, your vehicle needs more oil.
  3. Visit a mechanic to determine what’s wrong with your motorhome. For example, if you notice a check engine light flash on your dash, a mechanic can run a sensor over your motorhome to detect the problem. After you detect the problem, you should pay a professional to resolve the issue.

When you own a Spartan motorhome chassis, you can fix some engine issues, but this should be limited to oil changes and other small maintenance problems.

If you encounter a larger vehicle issue, you should leave the task to a professional to ensure that you don’t worsen things.

3. Dirty Ball Joints

If you own a Spartan butter home chassis, you likely spend plenty of time outdoors. While spending all this time outside can be great for your mental health and well-being, it can be terrible for the ball joints in your motorhome.

Another issue you can encounter with your ball joints is that they are too loose. You must ensure that every part of your RV is tightened, so it doesn’t get knocked out of place while you drive.

It can be difficult to operate the vehicle if you get too much dust and debris trapped in your Spartan motorhome chassis ball joints. Dirty or rusty ball joints can interfere with your daily driving, so you’ll need to fix this issue immediately.

How To Identify

The easiest way to tell whether or not you have dirty ball joints is to drive and see how your vehicle acts. You can have a ball joint issue if your vehicle shakes more than normal while driving. In this situation, you must stop driving to ensure you don’t ruin your motorhome.

You continue driving while your motorhome shakes can affect your lifespan. Now that you understand how to identify dirty ball joints, it’s time to discuss resolutions.


If you notice your vehicle shaking and you suspect a ball joint issue, follow these resolutions to fix the issue.

  • Put grease on your ball joints: Sometimes, the ball joints in your motorhome can deteriorate by weather damage. If you notice that these ball joints have rust or other cosmetic issues, it would be best to grease them up. This grease will allow them to move smoothly together again.

  • Tighten your ball joints: if you drive your Spartan motorhome chassis frequently, you could notice that your ball joints loosen as time progresses. The more wear and tear you have on your motorhome, the more maintenance you need to perform. Tighten your ball joints if you notice an issue while driving.

If you attempt both these methods and still notice an issue, you should tow your motorhome to a mechanic. Unfortunately, in this situation, your motorhome is completely unsafe to drive, so towing is the only way to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

4. Climate Control Issues

Sometimes the heat or air conditioner doesn’t work in your Spartan motorhome, but this is an easy option to fix. You can notice this problem if you try adjusting your thermostat, but nothing changes. This can happen when you have a fluently or dirt trapped in the fans on your radiator.


If you notice that your temperature won’t change when you adjust the thermostat, follow these resolutions.

  • Clean your radiator often to avoid dirt, debris, and daily wear and tear.
  • Contact the Spartan motorhome chassis customer service line

If you’re having trouble controlling the climate in your motorhome; the best thing to do would be to contact customer service. Sometimes, the climate won’t change because there’s a manufacturing issue with the radiator.

Final Thoughts

These are the most common problems people encounter when they own a Spartan motorhome chassis. However, if you experience any other issues, it would be best to take your motorhome to a professional for an inspection.

You can perform basic maintenance on your own, but if you have more than that, hiring a mechanic to resolve your problem is the safe route.

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