3 Best Low Wattage Hair Dryer For RV Review 2022

low wattage hair dryer rv
low wattage hair dryer rv

We all are looking for ways to satisfy their stylish needs while choosing economical options. A low wattage hair dryer is an advanced gadget that not only maintains the integrity of your hair but also saves power. With a compact design and low weight, a low wattage hair dryer is an absolute breeze to use.

A low wattage hair dryer particularly comes in handy while going out for a trip or camping. Of course, regular hair dryers are too hard to use because if you keep using them then the batteries of your RV or trailer might dry out of power. On the other hand, a low wattage hair dryer can work smoothly in an RV with no chance of tripping a breaker.

There are more and more reasons to pick out a low wattage hair dryer. You won’t have to need flat irons or curling irons anymore once you own this efficient product. There is no end to the variety of its styles and structures.

With minimal heat and speed settings, it definitely minimizes electricity consumption. Most of these hair dryers have dual voltage which makes them an ideal option for traveling. Even if you carry it for hours, your arms won’t feel stiff.

Having said that, the hair dryer market is quite saturated and you may go through a dilemma while choosing the one that suits your budget and needs. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some of the best low wattage hair dryers that you can use in your RV or even at home.

Best Low Wattage Hair Dryer RV: Review

Here are some of the best low wattage hair dryers in the market.

1. Conair Mini Travel Hair Dryer for On-The-Go Styling

Conair has set its name in the market as one of the most selling low wattage hair dryer companies. While offering 1200 watts of power, their dryer comes in extremely compact size when compared to regular ones. The device offers two options for the speed of the fans while also offering 2 options that can be used to adjust the heat.

The Conair low wattage hair dryer is light enough to carry around with ease, letting you have an incredible traveling experience. It looks good anywhere you go. It not only promotes quick drying but also gives a healthy and soft touch to your hair.

Conair has come up with a new design which they call the frizz-fighting design. This allows people to protect their hair from the heat by using ceramic technology while also adding some shine to your hair along with reducing frizz. Unlike most other hair dryers, it doesn’t have extreme heat starting. So, there is no chance of any injury to your hair.

The Conair mini travel hair dryer is sold with a storage pouch which is a much-needed help for frequent travelers. It is surprising to notice that a quiet hair dryer like this completes the job of hair drying so fast without any mess.

Secondly, a diffuser is mostly used for textured hair or making styles on these types of hair. This is a great device and the customer reviews also vouch for it. It is scratch-resistant and sturdy enough to stand the test of time. The price for this hairdryer is also quite low when you consider how many features it provides.

While having mostly next to no downsides, the only disadvantage of buying this device over other portable hair dryers can be that it doesn’t come with the option to fold its handle. However, If you are looking for an affordable and reliable low wattage hair dryer, your search ends here. The hair drying and styling results will astonish you to the core.

2. Berta Mini Travel Pro Compact Mini Hair Dryer for Travel, 1000W Ceramic Blow Dryer

It won’t be wrong to call Berta mini travel an ultimate hair dryer as it comes with amazing options that outshine the rest of the products on the list. This device only consumes 1000 watts of power plugged into power. This is quite impressive because most of the hair dryers even labeled as low wattage dryers only provide as low as 1200W.

While being really compact this dryer is also really light weighing around only 340g. It is around 50% smaller than regular hair dryers, yet it delivers a powerful punch. Additionally, the tourmaline ceramic technology used in these blow dryers prevents the user’s hair from getting damaged from the heat. Berta mini hair dryer assures the strategic and constant temperature air out to protect the internal health of your hair.

With Berta mini hair dryer, hair drying is as easy as it can get. You will be stunned after experiencing even heat distribution all across your hair. It works best at all hair types, bet it coarse or thin hair. Another great benefit is that the noise coming from this dryer will be really low, thanks to its built-in DC motor. You can adjust the airflow speed as per your choice. Besides the bright pink color of the gadget make it an appealing choice to have at home.

If you are looking for peak efficiency, you can easily remove the rear filter. There are no complications while cleaning the dryer either. It is provided with a safety plug as well as the filter is also used as a source of protection for people with longer hair. Without the filter, their hair can get stuck in the spinning fan inside the dryer and even get cut off.

The device comes in with the option to switch between two heat settings which can be used to style your hair while giving out salon-quality results. There are also two settings provided on it, while the high setting delivers a solid 1000W fan power. The low setting is capable of going as low as 450W of power.

This useful little appliance is set to meet your needs in terms of size and weight. Having said that, users of high-power hair dryers are going to notice a huge difference when they switch to Berta. Its limited power might not be a favorite feature of many. However, it’s inexpensive and good for its size. If you are looking for a compact gadget that promotes smooth hair drying besides frizz-free hair, Berta mini travel hair dryer is the best choice for you.

3. Travel Smart by Conair 1200-WattTourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

The main selling point of this unit is that it is lightweight and efficient. This hair dryer is made by travel smart and is designed to provide the users with only 1200 watts of power consumption. The technology used in this device allows the user’s hair to be free of any frizz while also making sure that their hair is kept shiny.

The Travel Smart hair dryer comes with tons of ground-breaking features, which proves that not all low wattage hair dryers are low-tech. Its small, yet powerful motor has the ability to blow dry your hair at a reasonable speed. Requiring not much space in the luggage, it is perfect for people taking a low wattage hair dryer like this out on their trips to camping or hiking by using an RV.

After folding down the device, its size becomes completely compact allowing you to store it in your bags without any problem. This dryer also comes in with a concentrator to allow drying up silky hair. All these features prove that the company is focused on providing electric appliances that can be used easily on trips.

This is why this hair dryer has features that are perfect for taking it out with yourself. This product also maintains a really good rating and also comes in with a warranty provided by the company.

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