Why Does My RV Air Conditioner Keep Tripping the Breaker? (Answered)

why does my rv air conditioner keep tripping the breaker
why does my rv air conditioner keep tripping the breaker

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their friends and family. These let them explore areas they have never been to before while also making memories with their close ones. With that being said, you should note that these trips also require a lot of luggage. Carrying everything that might be necessary on your trip can be important. This is why the main problem people complain about is not being able to carry all of this luggage.

Why Does My RV Air Conditioner Keep Tripping the Breaker?

A simple solution is purchasing a large vehicle like an RV or motorhome. These come with numerous features along with storage for all of your camping luggage. Talking about this, motorhomes also have air conditioners in them which can be amazing but they can also run into some issues. One common problem that people question is “why does my RV air conditioner keep tripping the breaker?”. We will be using this article to provide you with some reasons as well as ways that can be used to fix them.

1. Electrical Problems

The air conditioner unit on a motorhome is installed so that it can keep everyone in the vehicle cool even when traveling in a hot climate. Although, the device tripping the breaker can be quite annoying as it prevents the AC from working. Considering this, one of the most common reasons why you can get a problem like this is if there is something wrong with the electrical wirings.

These can be quite dangerous to check on your own which is why it is always better that you contact an electrician. They will check the device for you as well as fix any problems it was having. Although, if you want to do this on your own then you can get started by taking off your AC from the main power outlet.

Now make sure that the breaker is switched on and take readings of the current coming from your outlet. The best and most accurate method for this is by using a voltmeter that can be purchased from any electrical store. This will provide you with exact readings of the voltage coming from your outlet so that you can identify any problems.

If you notice any fluctuations in current or if the voltage is too low then there is some problem from the backend. This can either be your batteries or generator, depending on which one is providing power to the AC unit. Make sure that you thoroughly troubleshoot these to fix the problem you were getting.

2. AC Might Be Overloading

Another common reason why you can run into a problem like this is if your AC is overloading. This usually happens when the voltage from the backend is too low. In this case, the AC unit will shut itself off by tripping the breaker so that the device does not get damaged. You should note that the reason behind this issue is similar to the steps mentioned above.

Although, this time your generator might be plugged into too many electrical appliances. This overloads the generator as well as the AC and causes one of the devices to shut down. Simply switching off some of the excess electrical appliances should help in taking off some of the load from your generator. You can then try starting up your AC again to confirm if the problem is now gone.

3. Motor Has Shorted

If you are still getting the same problem even after going through the steps mentioned above then there is a high chance that your motor might be shorted. Although, there are tons of moving parts in a device like this so trying to confirm what exactly is causing the issue can be quite difficult. This is why the best solution is that you contact the support team for your AC unit.

The team should answer some questions about your problem. Keep in mind that you must provide them with all the details to ensure they can identify your issue. Once done, the team will then provide you with a solution that can be used or ask you to bring your AC to them. They will then fix the problem you were getting so that you can continue using your device.

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