What Do I Do When My RV Has No Hot Water Flow?

What Do I Do When My RV Has No Hot Water Flow?
What Do I Do When My RV Has No Hot Water Flow?

RV Has No Hot Water Flow

You’re getting ready to take a shower, turn on the hot water, and nothing. Problems like this can be very annoying, but often can be fixed very quickly. So let’s go over what might be going on with your hot water.

No Hot Water at All

If there is no hot water at all, first check to see if the bypass valve has been turned off. The bypass valve is used to turn off the hot water when winterizing. You may have forgotten to turn the bypass valve on. Go outside and look for a lever or valve labeled Water Heater Bypass. If you find your RV has one, switch it off the water heater bypass setting. That should get the hot water flowing.

Another possibility that’s harder to address is if there is a clogged hose or a leak from the water heater to your shower and faucets. Another reason could be the water heater itself is leaking. Look under your RV for any puddles of water.

Slow Hot Water Flow

There could be mineral deposits on the screen that’s inside of the faucets. That will slow down the water flow. Simply soak the faucet screens in vinegar to dissolve the calcium deposits.

Water Comes Out But It’s Cold

If your water heater’s propane burner isn’t set right, it will make loud noises. That’s because there is too much air mixing with the propane. A weak flame will cause soot to form around the exhaust area. If the flame is weak and yellow, the propane burner isn’t getting enough air. The perfect flame is one that’s blue with yellow tips.

If your water heater propane won’t light, the burner nozzle might be clogged. It’s not uncommon for spiders to build webs in there. They like the smell of propane and can crawl inside the gas supply tube, blocking it, and preventing the burner from lighting. Make sure the exhaust is clear too.

If your water heater has an electronic ignition and it’s clicking but not lighting, check for corrosion. Also, look for loose wires.

Check the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

This valve is a safety feature. It releases pressure inside the hot water tank when the temperature reaches 210 degrees or if the pressure reaches 124 to 150 PSI. If you see water dripping from the valve, you need to replace the air inside the tank. However, if there is water dripping while the tank is heating, that’s normal.

To replace the air turn off the water heater and allow the water to cool. Turn off the water and open a faucet to release the pressure inside the tank. Open the temperature and pressure valve and drain out the water. Close the pressure relief valve, close the faucet, and turn the water back on to refill the tank.


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  1. This morning I took a hot shower before work and everything was good. Minutes later i went to brush my teeth and not water would come out of the hot side of any faucet in the camper!! What happened? Please help me with this. 😔


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