Should I Leave My RV Water Heater On All The Time?

should i leave my rv water heater on all the time
should i leave my rv water heater on all the time

If you enjoy going out on trips all the time then you should know how important it is to bring the right equipment with you. This will help you in staying comfortable as well as keep you worry-free at all times.

Although, if you are someone who likes to go out for longer trips. Then just having the right equipment will not be enough.

This is why people purchase motorhomes and recreational vehicles for themselves. These vehicles can provide you with a place to sleep and rest, additionally, you can even cook for yourself during your trips from the kitchen. Aside from this, you can even heat the water in your vehicle using a water heater.

Should I Leave My RV Water Heater on All the Time?

Water heaters are one of the most important things that you should have if you want to go out to an area where the climate is really cold. Having access to hot water will help you stay relaxed.

Considering this, some people have asked the question that ‘Should I leave my RV water heater on all the time?’. The quick answer for this is ‘yes, you can leave these heaters on for as long as you want.

These are small versions of the heaters that you use in your homes. Leaving them on for long durations will give you no problems and you can have access to warm water all the time. Although, there are some things that you need to consider while leaving these heaters on. There are mainly two types of heaters that you can use on your RVs.

These are simple electric heaters or heaters that require propane gas to function. If you decide to keep them running then these will keep on depleting your power source. Keeping this in mind, if you want to stay on your trip for a long duration then it would be best that you save some power instead.

Running the water heaters all the time will eventually finish your battery or propane tank which can end up causing you a lot of problems.

How to Save Power?

If you are wondering how you can save power then the most obvious answer is that you switch on your heater only when you need it. Although, this can be annoying to keep a check on.

In this case, you can either purchase a larger water tank which will provide you with a lot of water that should last you a long time when it is heated. Alternatively, another option is to purchase a small timer.

These water heater timers can be adjusted according to your usage and they will switch on your heater for short durations of time and then power them off themselves. This takes out the trouble of having to keep a check on your heaters and saves you a lot of time and energy.

Lastly, these devices are quite inexpensive and if you are interested in them then take a look online or at a store nearby you. They should most probably have these in stock.

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