3 Ways To Fix Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won’t Light

suburban rv hot water heater won't light
suburban rv hot water heater won’t light

Recreational Vehicles or also most commonly known as RVs are designed to be taken out on trips or camping. These ensure that the user has access to a bed, kitchen, and washroom even when they are enjoying their outdoor trips. Most people also bring equipment with them so that they can enjoy their trip to the fullest. Considering this, water heaters are a great option.

These can be used to heat up the water for your use when you are in cold areas. Having access to hot water in a chilled environment can be extremely useful. However, some people using the Suburban RV hot water heater have run into the problem that it won’t light up. If this has also happened to you then here a few ways you can troubleshoot.

How To Fix Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won’t Light?

  1. Air in System

Sometimes when you have not used your heater in some time, it can collect up a lot of air in its insides. This causes the flame to die out if it does light up or sometimes the flame does not light up at all. This can be extremely annoying for people. Although, one simple method to get rid of this air is to try lighting up the furnace a few more times.

This usually lets the air bleed out fixing the problem. If this does not bleed the air out completely then it is advised that you light up the burners on your stove. Keep them alive for 15 to 20 seconds and this should be enough to completely purge the air in your system. If the flame is blue then it indicated that all the air has completely been disposed of, solving your issue.

  1. Unstable Voltage

Another reason for your heater to not light up can be that the voltage it is receiving from the RV is really unstable. The heater requires at least 12 volts of electricity to be supplied at all times, to both its circuit board as well as the gas valves present on it to keep the device running. If the current drops in between then the heater will shut down on its own.

Use a voltmeter or purchase one to check the voltage coming to it. If the current is not supplying between 13 to 15 volts to the heater then this is the problem. Free up any other electrical sockets that you might be using so that your heater can get more current and start-up.

  1. Faulty Ignitor

The circuit of the heater is attached to an ignitor. This is used to start up the flame for your heater. If this ignitor becomes damaged or faulty then your heater will be unable to start up. One simple fix for this is you can manually light up the heater after turning the gas up.

Also, make sure that you have enough gas in your tank and it not running out. This is a quick fix but you will have to get the ignitor replaced with a new one once you get back from your trip. You can claim your warranty to get your ignitor replaced. Alternatively, a mechanic can be contacted to fix your problem.

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