6 Ways To Fix Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won’t Light

Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won't Light
Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won’t Light

The hot water heater in your recreational vehicle (RV) is an essential appliance. This piece of equipment lets you take showers as relaxing as those in your house, and wash dishes in hot water in the same manner you would at home, all while on the road in your RV.

Suburban has been manufacturing and distributing innovative RV accessories since 1047. Suburban RV hot water heater, which the company introduced quite some time ago, is particularly popular among RV users.

However, some users have reported that the Suburban RV’s hot water heater light stops working sometimes. This article will discuss the most common reasons behind this and offer suggestions for dealing with them.

How To Fix Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won’t Light?

1. Air In System

If you haven’t used your hot water heater for a while, it may have built up a lot of dusty air. Whenever this occurs, the flame quickly extinguishes; in some cases, it doesn’t even start burning.

This problem can be hard to deal with. However, turning on the heat several times can help you eliminate the stale air sometimes.

In most cases, allowing some air to escape via the cracks solves the issue. Pumping the air out of the system is the first step, but if it doesn’t work, you should turn on the stove’s burners.

To thoroughly expel the air in your system, you need to keep them on for around 15 to 20 seconds. When the flame turns blue, all the air has been burned out, and the problem is solved.

2. Unstable Voltage

It’s also possible that the voltage your heater receives from the RV is highly fluctuating, which would explain why it won’t turn on. The heater’s circuit board and gas valves need a constant power of at least 12 volts to function.

Heaters are designed to turn off automatically if the power supply is interrupted.

To ensure it receives the proper voltage, use a voltmeter. The heater will not operate correctly if the current does not deliver between 13 and 15 volts. If you want your heater to have enough power to turn on, make sure it gets a stable voltage.

3. Faulty Ignitor

The heater’s ignitor is wired directly into the heater’s circuit. The flame on your heater won’t get going without this. Your heater won’t light if the ignitor is broken or malfunctioning.

After turning the gas on, the manual ignition of the heater is a quick and easy solution to this problem.

Ensure your petrol tank isn’t low and you have enough gas. A new ignitor may be installed easily if you are familiar with the process. If that doesn’t work, you can hire a mechanic to look at it and identify the root cause.

Replace the ignitor

4. Bad Thermocouple

A thermocouple is a heat-sensing device that opens the gas supply to the burner when it detects the pilot light. If the thermocouple is broken, gas will be cut off and won’t reach the pilot and burner.

You won’t need any prior understanding of mechanics to resolve this issue. Just swap the thermocouple with a new one, and it will likely fix the problem.

5. Faulty ECO

You may also blame faulty ECO for the inability of your water heater to light up. You should hear a click from the gas valve when you turn on the switch. If you don’t hear it, it’s the ECO setting.

To connect the control board to the gas valve, the Eco switch must be wired in between the two. It’s connected to the thermostat as well. If it malfunctions, the gas valve will not get electricity. As a result, your RV’s water heater won’t turn on.

Verify that 12 volts are being displayed on the meter. If not, there must be a short somewhere. Consider replacing the ECO if the displayed voltage is off by more than a millivolt. In addition, the thermostat must also be replaced to ensure the proper working of the water heater.

6. Power Or Gas Issues

A power outage may also cause this problem, so make sure that you check it first. It will disrupt the operation of everything powered by electricity. If that’s the case, try turning off all the breakers at once and then turning them back on one by one to reset the breaker box.

Disconnecting the power connection from the wall can also cause problems with the hot water heater. If you suspect a breaker or fuse tripped at the outlet, reset the device.

There’s also the possibility that the electrical wiring is damaged. In that case, you should inspect the board for any signs of damage.

Gas Pressure

Insufficient gas pressure might be another reason why your Suburban’s hot water heater won’t ignite. If you are having trouble igniting the burner, check the propane pressure.

If you have checked it and found no leaks, you can try relighting the water heater after adding extra gas to the tank.

Another possible cause of this issue is filthy air filters, which may be remedied by replacing them or cleaning them with the appropriate attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

The Bottom Line

Having a Suburban RV hot water heater is indeed a great luxury. There could be many causes for a Suburban RV hot water heater that won’t ignite, each of which necessitates a unique approach to repair.

You should consult the RV’s owner’s handbook before doing any troubleshooting if you do not have enough knowledge.

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