Caravan Water Pump Air Lock – Why It Happens

caravan water pump air lock
caravan water pump air lock

Many people go out on trips during their holidays. Although, you should note that some enthusiasts enjoy going out on these camping trips much more often.

Aside from this, they can sometimes stay for several weeks or even months at times. This means that they are living in the outdoors during their trips.

But this is exactly why these people must have the best possible equipment with them. All of this will ensure that they stay comfortable while they are on their trip without any problems.

Although, storing all this equipment in a simple car is not possible which is why these users get caravans or campers instead. These are large trailers that can be towed down with your vehicle to provide you with additional features.

Caravan Water Pump

Caravans, travel trailers, or campers are all similar vehicles and the only major difference between them is their size. Although, when compared to RVs, you should note that these vehicles lack an engine.

This is why they have to be towed to another vehicle to be carried along with you. With that being said, the vehicle has the same number of features as most motorhomes. You are even provided with a bathroom and kitchen.

Although, when it comes to these rooms, you should note that one of the most important things that you will need is water. Caravans obviously can’t generate their water which is why you have to fill the tanks in these vehicles manually.

Although this can take a lot of time and is quite difficult. This is exactly why people use water pumps that will increase the pressure of water coming from the main source. Using these allow you to fill the tanks of your caravans much easier and faster, taking out a lot of useless hassle.

Learning More About A Caravan Water Pump Air Lock

While using water pumps in your caravan can be amazing, you should note that there are also some issues that you can run into with them.

One of the most common problems that a lot of people have reported running into is that the water pump gets an air lock. You should note that this is quite common and will most likely happen to you as well.

This causes the water pump to keep on running which can be quite annoying. Although, you should note that the problem can easily be fixed using a simple process.

Before you try this, make sure that the tank in your caravan is filled. Aside from this, make sure that the pipe between your barrel and pump is not kinked. Usually, these two steps allow you to fix the problem.

However, if your caravan water pump air lock is still present then turn on the water taps in your vehicle one by one. You should start by turning all the taps on the cold water first. You can then go back to these taps and start switching from cold to hot water.

Once done, the air lock in your water pump should be removed. If you are still having trouble with this, then contact the support team for your water pump to help you out.

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