3 Common Parallax Power Supply 7300 Troubleshooting

parallax power supply 7300 troubleshooting
parallax power supply 7300 troubleshooting

An inverter charger is a great accessory that you can install in your motorhome. Even if you can’t plug in your RV to shore power, other power sources can be used to charge your batteries using the inverter charger.

So, if you want to streamline the power supply in your motorhome then it might be a good idea to install a converter charger in your motorhome as well.

The Parallax Power Supply 7300 series offer reliable inverter chargers to their customers. However, you will occasionally notice some customers complaining about issues with their Parallax Power Supply 7300.

That is why we will be listing some common Parallax Power Supply 7300 problems and how you can fix them.

Parallax Power Supply 7300 Troubleshooting:

  1. Charging Issues

Now, the main reason why most people buy an inverter charger is to keep their batteries charged. However, there have been many complaints regarding the power supply not charging the batteries inside your motorhome. Usually, this problem is caused by issues with the power source or the batteries themselves.

To isolate the cause of this problem, you will need to check the power output from the source. A voltage measuring device like a multimeter can be helpful to find power-related issues in your devices. Check the different battery terminals and the connection points on the inverter charger itself. That should help you narrow down the cause of the charging issue.

It is not rare for the connection points to get damaged over time. So, if you have had the unit for a long time then it would be better to clean the connection points.

Make sure to remove the connection from the power source and the batteries before touching the connection points. After cleaning the connection points thoroughly, you can reconnect everything and the batteries should start charging at this point.

  1. Beeping issues

Several customers have also pointed out that the device will start beeping at random times. It can be quite annoying if you can’t get rid of this problem.

Most of the time, the beeping sound coming from your device is an indicator of low-battery. Sometimes, the device will also start beeping when you put excessive load on the device.

So, get rid of the beeping problem you will need to check the appliances connected to your unit. Along with that, you will need to check the battery status in your motorhome.

If you were also experiencing charging issues with the beeping then your batteries might have gone bad. If you have not replaced the batteries in a few years then now might be a good time to do so.

However, if your batteries are working perfectly then you will need to check the appliances connected to your unit.

Try removing some load from the unit and that should fix the beeping problem with your inverter charger. If you can’t find the error yourself then take your motorhome to a workshop and get it checked by a mechanic.

  1. Wiring Issues

This problem is mostly experienced by customers that install the inverter charger themselves. Most of the time, this is just an installation error and you can get it fixed by referring to the owner’s manual and following the wiring instructions. However, if you’re not confident then you should get the unit professionally installed.

That should fix any wiring issues that you’re facing. You can also call the Parallax Power company number and explain your situation to them.

They will help you fix any issue that you’re running into with their product. So, if you can’t take your motorhome to the workshop immediately then this is the most viable option available for you.

Aside from that, if you are having any issues that are not mentioned here then you should reach out to Parallax Power support.

They will help you diagnose the unit and from there you can try different troubleshooting methods that can fix your unit. If you bought the unit a few months ago then you can also claim a warranty on this unit.

Still, the most common problem reported by customers was that they were unable to charge their motorhome batteries. So, if that is the case with you then you should check the connection points on the battery and the unit.

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