3 Fixes For Goal Zero Yeti 500X Not Charging Issue

goal zero yeti 500x not charging
goal zero yeti 500x not charging

Going out on trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. However, some enthusiasts enjoy going out on longer trips. When it comes to these people, you will notice that they usually have large vehicles with them. These include RVs and motorhomes that ensure you have a fun time on your trips. These vehicles are equipped with numerous features that include having lots of furniture to rest on.

Additionally, you can store all your luggage without having to worry about storage. But there are also some third-party devices that you can purchase to help you out. The Goal Zero Yeti 500x is one of these products that you can use to power up your appliances. This can be amazing to use but people have also been reporting a problem with it. This is the Goal Zero Yeti 500x not charging issue and we will be using this article to provide you with troubleshooting steps for it.

Solutions for Goal Zero Yeti 500X Not Charging

1. Check Wires

The Goal Zero Yeti 500x not charging can be quite annoying to deal with as the battery in it is useless without this. Although, you should note that there are several reasons why you might be getting this problem on your equipment. The first thing that you should be checking is the wires connected to your vehicle. These should be tightly installed to ensure current is passing through them.

Sometimes people might accidentally pull the cord, loosening it. If that is the case then simply tightening the wire back in should help in fixing the problem. In some cases, the wire can also get damaged. Although, you should be able to identify any damages by closely observing the wire. If you do notice any cracks on the wire then get this replaced with a new one.

2. Current Rating on Port

The second thing that you should be checking is the ports on your vehicle. These are the ones you are trying to connect Goal Zero Yeti 500x in. Make sure that the ports have a 12V current on them instead of 10V. This is the minimum requirement for this device and connecting it to a lower-rated port will not work.

The equipment has a security feature on it that ensures that any connections on it will be cut to protect it from getting damaged. Considering this, simply installing the device in a supported port should help in fixing the issue.

3. Contact Customer Support Team

Finally, if your problem is still there then there is a chance that your device might have become faulty. There are tons of things that you can check on it. But most of these can be complicated and dangerous to test on your own. Considering this, you should contact the support team for this product. They should help you in thoroughly testing the device and then coming up with solutions that can be used. In case of any faulty parts, the company will also provide you with replacements.

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