Magnetek 6345 Not Charging Batteries: 3 Ways To Fix

magnetek 6345 not charging batteries
magnetek 6345 not charging batteries

Magnetek is a famous company which is mostly known for manufacturing electrical devices. These include motion sensor systems, handling equipment, and much more.

Aside from this, the converters made by this brand are considered to be some of the best. These are electrical units that allow you to change the current coming from devices from AC to DC.

This allows the users to plug in electrical appliances directly into their units and then use them without any issues. Converters are mostly used in vehicles like RVs which have to power up using alternating current from a generator.

While these might be amazing to use. There are still some problems that can be found with them. One of these is the Magnetek 6345 not charging batteries. We will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can be used to fix it.

Magnetek 6345 Not Charging Batteries

  1. Check Generator

The first thing that you should check is your generators. The current coming to your converter will be from these devices. If there are any problems with the generator that are causing the power to fluctuate then that might be the reason.

Before trying to get into technical stuff, it is recommended that you see if your generator is powering up other devices correctly.

If none of them are working then the device might be running on low fuel. People need to keep their generator filled with at least 1/3 ratio of fuel at a minimum to keep it running efficiently.

If the value is lower than this then the device will most likely stop functioning. Aside from this, you need to ensure that the fuel you have filled in is completely clean.

If you have kept your generator switched off for a long period. Alternatively, if the user has not cleaned up their device for a long time. Then both of these can cause the fuel to get dirty and requires a complete replacement.

You will also have to clean up the insides of your equipment using seafoam or a similar product. Make sure that you disconnect the device from power before doing so to prevent further issues. Finally, once your device is completely clean and filled with new oil. You will notice that your problem is now gone.

  1. Wiring Issues

Sometimes the problem can be from your wiring instead of the devices. While checking them can be dangerous, you should contact a technician to identify the problem for you. However, some users might want to check the issue on their own. In this case, they can disconnect their devices from the main power.

They can then take a voltmeter and connect it directly to their wires. If the current coming from these is fluctuating in any connection. Alternatively, if you notice that the value is too low. Your wirings have most likely gotten damaged in between. You will then have to completely get them replaced with new ones.

It can be quite difficult to identify which wire has been cut down or burnt out which makes the procedure confusing. Though, if you are knowledgeable about stuff like these then you can do it on your own.

Another thing to check is the circuit breaker on your system. This will usually cut off the connection if it notices any fluctuations. You can simply switch it back on to enable your current. In some cases, users might have to replace the fuse in these to continue using the device.

  1. Batteries Out of Water

Finally, if the problem persists then the batteries in your vehicle are running out of water. This is quite common so there is no need to worry about it. Most batteries require you to fill in water in them to keep them functioning. If it is too low then your battery will stop charging itself. Another thing to look out for is the dust particles and oxide layer on your battery.

This will form with time and cuts off the connection. You will have to completely clean this off using warm water. Sometimes you might have to remove the connectors to ensure all the oxide has come off. Some people might even have to give their battery a push start before It can start functioning again.

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