Atwood Furnace Fault Codes: LED Indication

atwood furnace fault codes
atwood furnace fault codes

If you are someone who enjoys going out on trips. Then you should know how important it is to bring the right equipment with you. This will help you in staying comfortable and relaxed.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy your trip without any issues. Talking about this, if you want to go to an area where the temperature is really cold.

Even if you take a lot of blankets with you, you will still feel uncomfortable. This is where furnaces come in, you can use these to adjust the temperature in a room according to your choice.

These can be adjusted simply through a display and you can change them whenever you want.

Atwood Furnace Fault Codes

Atwood is a famous company that manufactures these furnaces. You can easily purchase them through a dealer or from their store. The lineups for them are huge and you can easily go through all the options.

Aside from this, there are numerous features on these furnaces that are equipped to make the users feel satisfied with the products.

One of the best ones on Atwood’s furnaces is the fault codes that it shows. These show numerical values on the display and can help in identifying the exact problem with the device.

Internal Circuit Board
Steady On, No Flashing Hard
Limit Switch/Airflow
1-Flash With 3-Second
Flame Sense Fault2-Flashes With 3-Second
Ignition Lockout Fault3-Flashes With 3-Second
Soft (1hr.

If you are unfamiliar with the error codes then you can also use the manual given to you by the company. This contains all the information required by the users along with how you can fix the specific problems.

If you have lost the manual then you should visit the official website for Atwood. Search for the specific model of furnace you have to find the manual for it. Every model has a different list of fault codes this is why it is so important to search for the exact model.

If the Problem Still Persists

Usually, the company suggests users do small fixes on their device along with a power cycle. However, if the problem persists and you are unable to fix it. Then the first thing that you should do is reset your furnace which will return it to its factory default settings.

The procedure for it should also be given in the manual and you can go through it easily. Although, keep in mind that the settings you have set on the device will all be deleted.

You will then have to configure all the files and settings again and they might take some time. Although, your problem should now be fixed. Lastly, users also have the option to claim the warranty service in case of any problem that is not getting fixed.

The usual warranty that Atwood gives can last up to 3 or even 4 years. Considering this, you can claim it whenever your device runs into a problem.

Keep in mind that the condition your furnace is in really matters for this. If the device is damaged then the company might not approve of the warranty and you will have to get it fixed from somewhere else instead.

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