3 Ways To Fix Atwood Helium Fridge Not Working

atwood helium fridge not working
atwood helium fridge not working

The Atwood fridges are known for their spacious interior. Depending upon the model that you’re buying, you will get around ten percent additional storage capacity from Atwood Helium Fridges.

These fridges are very efficient and rely on Helium systems instead of Hydrogen to cool your food products. Similarly, additional features like an integrated tilt system differentiate Atwood fridges from others.

Sadly, several customers have been experiencing problems with their Atwood Helium fridge. That is why we will be going over some possible solutions that can help you fix your Atwood Helium Fridge.

How to Fix Atwood Helium Fridge Not Working?

  1. Level the Fridge

The integrated tilt system installed in the Atwood fridges makes it easier for the customers to level their fridges. It is not rare for users to park their motorhome on an uneven path.

If one side of the fridge is tilted then that can create performance issues for your device. So, before doing anything else you should level the fridge and then check the cooling again.

If you have recently bought the fridge then it can take multiple hours before it will start cooling your food. So, be patient and check the cooling after a day or so.

You can use the integrated tilt system to level the fridge perfectly. Doing that should help you with the cooling problems in your Atwood Helium fridge if there are no defective components in it.

  1. Check Fuse

If you’re not getting any power in the fridge then the problem can be traced back to a blown fuse. You can access the back panel of the fridge to check the fuse. Other than that, try using a multimeter to check the power on different terminals of the refrigerator. If the problem is related to a blown fuse, then replacing the fuse should fix the power issue.

However, if you are running into issues with the different modes of the fridge then we suggest that you try resetting the fridge.

You can use the owner’s manual for instructions on how to reset your fridge because the procedure can vary depending upon the model of your fridge. Lastly, make sure to check the gas assembly and the propane supply.

  1. Contact Dealer

If the Atwood Helium Fridge is not working after fixing the leveling and power issues then you should contact the dealer regarding this problem. It might be that the internal circuits are damaged and you can’t do much about fixing them yourself. You can either seek help from a technician or call the dealer regarding this problem.

If you bought the Atwood Helium Fridge recently then you should just claim the warranty. Try to avoid doing anything that might void the warranty and just ask the dealer for a replacement.

That way you won’t have to take any risk and you can use a brand-new fridge depending upon the warranty status. If the warranty has expired and you can’t fix it yourself then take the fridge to a repair center to seek help from a technician.

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