3 Common Roadtrek Battery Problems (Troubleshooting)

roadtrek battery problems
roadtrek battery problems

Roadtrek is one of the most famous companies that manufactures RVs. One of the best things about it is that their RVs are designed for comfort and have a low-price range on top of that. This makes it easy for people with a tighter budget to purchase a vehicle for their camping trips. Additionally, most of the vehicles made by this company are compact and provide their users with an enjoyable drive.

There is a huge lineup of vehicles provided to the users which they can select from depending on their preferences. Some of these are even built on luxury chassis from Ram ProMaster and Mercedes. If you are using a Roadtrek vehicle then you might have come across a problem with your battery. Here are some common problems that you might get and ways to troubleshoot them.

Roadtrek Battery Problems

  1. Battery Running Out of Power

One of the most common problems that people get on their batteries while driving this vehicle is that their batteries run out of power. This usually happens when you leave your vehicle stored up for a long period of time. RVs and small trucks like this are only used when you go out on a camping trip. Other than this, they are mostly stored up in your garage.

Your vehicle might have started to drain the power from your batteries meanwhile. Considering this, when you try to start your vehicle, it won’t work. This is because the batteries are completely dead now. In this case, you can another vehicle and connect their batteries using a wire. After this, you can give your vehicle a jump start and it should then start charging up all your batteries. However, this is only a temporary fix and you will end up getting this problem again.

This is why it is recommended that you take off the wires from your battery when you are deciding on locking it up for a long time in your garage. This ensures that the power on your batteries will be charged up. Another thing that you can do is install a small solar panel on your battery. This will help in keeping your battery charged at all times. Lastly, you can also charge your battery from another power source if you do not have access to another vehicle. This can be a generator or any other electrical outlet that you might have access to.

  1. Corrosion

One other common problem that people get is that their batteries will stop charging and supplying the vehicle with power. This usually happens when the cathodes or anodes on your battery become corroded. Small layers of oxide keep forming on the top of your batteries while they are working. This is why it is recommended that you clean them off at a regular interval.

In case, the batteries become too corroded and stop functioning completely. You can then take off the wires from it and then clean the battery by pouring boiled water on the corrosion. Keep cleaning of all of the excess oxide on the cathodes and it should eventually come off. After this plug your battery back in to enjoy using it without any problem.

  1. Check Water Level

If there is no corrosion on your batteries then this means that the water level in them has dropped. In some cases, the water in your batteries might even be completely drained. Filling your batteries back up with water should help in fixing this problem. Some people recommend that you purchase special water with electrolytes for your batteries. This water is a mixture of acids and water and might help your battery perform a little better. However, it can be a hassle to get this sometimes. This is why it is recommended that you fill your batteries up with distilled water.

This is the best option for you as distilled water contains no additional mineral. If you do not have access to any of these then simple tap water will also work out for you. It is essential that you keep your batteries filled with water. This helps in preventing your battery from becoming damaged. If none of these solutions provided above work out for you then this means that your battery needs to be replaced with a new one.

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