3 Common Mr. Heater Pilot Light Problems (Troubleshooting)

mr heater pilot light problems
mr heater pilot light problems

Some people love going out for camping trips on their RVs and trailers. Although, in some areas, the temperature might be too low. In these scenarios, not even thick blankets will be able to keep you warm. This is why most RV’s usually come with a built-in air heater in them.

Even though these can make up a comfortable enough environment for you and get you completely relaxed. It will be hard for you to keep using this heater due to its high consumption of electricity. Considering this, the best option for you is to purchase a portable propane gas heater.

Mr. Heater is one of the best companies which provides these portable heaters. Their products are some of the best ones around in the market. However, sometimes you might have a problem with your Mr. Heater pilot light. Here are some common problems you may run into and how to fix them.

Common Mr. Heater Pilot Light Problems

  1. Sensor Issue

Usually when your heater’s pilot light won’t stay lit then this indicates that your device’s sensors are running into some problem. The sensors on your propane heater might be sensing that its flame has some issue.

This will make your heater trigger its safety features which will put down the flame. In most cases this is a genuine indication but if you have checked your flame and surroundings and are still getting the same problem. Then this means that your sensor has become faulty. You can fix this by using sandpaper and then rubbing off any excess material that might have covered your device.

Afterward, make sure that the flame is covering more than half of the sensor. This should help the sensor in detecting the flame and then staying lit.

  1. Dirty Pilot Tube

Sometimes the pilot tube on your propane gas Mr. Heater might get dirty. These usually need to be cleaned from time to time because dirt can get stuck between them. You can check the pilot flame of your heater through the small window near the knob.

Notice the color of the flame, if it is blue then that means there Is no issue. Although if the flame is yellowish in color or is flicking then it needs to be cleaned.  In order to clean your pilot tube, make sure that you turn off your gas valve first. After this use any pointy object like a paper pin to poke the top of your heater’s tube.

After this insert the pin inside the pilot tube but keep in mind that you should do it gently. Exerting a lot of pressure on this tube can damage it. If this does not fix your problem then your pilot tube needs to be replaced.

You can try doing it manually after purchasing a new pilot tube from your local market or by finding It online. Although, it is recommended that you contact a technician if you have do not have any prior knowledge regarding this stuff.

  1. Worn Out Thermocouple

If the thermocouple on your device does not detect the flame then it can turn off the pilot light. The thermocouple is a safety feature added on Mr. Heater which turns off the gas when it does not detect any fire. This is so that the heater can prevent any gas from leaking. In most cases, the thermocouple on your heater gets moved away from a little too far away.

You can easily fix this by shutting down the heater and then manually move the device back to its original position. Make sure that you wait for the insides of your heater to cool down before you do this.  If this still does not fix your issue then you should check your gas. The gas cylinder might have gotten empty or alternatively, the gas valve might have some dirt stuck in it.

You can clean up the gas valve by following the same method given above about the pilot tube. Lastly, if your pilot light is still not working then you should get your thermocouple replaced. Additionally, you should always keep in mind that you turn off the gas before doing anything. This is for precaution and may help you out a lot.

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