RV Slide Out Water Damage Repair: How To Avoid Water Damage To Slide Out?

rv slide out water damage repair
rv slide out water damage repair

Sometimes having extra space on your RV might be just the thing to make your camping trip perfect. That is why slides-outs are used in so many RVs. The expansion in the available space is quite significant.

This feature is quite useful when you’re traveling with more than 2 people and the trip can become uncomfortable.

After reaching the destination you can just park the RV and bring out the slide-out to expand the available space inside your RV. You will need to make sure that there is proper support available for your slide-outs otherwise they will cause issues during your stay.

RV Slide Out Water Damage Repair

In the majority of RVs, it is very common for water damage to affect your slide-out. The main reason is a defect in the manufacturing design where there is no flashing available on the bottom of the slide-out.

That allows water to drip down the sides and then damage the floor of your Slide-out. Now, if you have recently bought an RV you can get ahead of this problem by flashing the sides or sealing the bottom of your slide out to protect the floor.

As a quick fix, you can also use duct tape to allow the water to drip down the sides of your slide out. But that will only serve as a temporary fix and some water will still get in through the sides.

So, you can buy slide-out ski sets and then fix that under your slide-out. They are somewhat expensive and you can install them below your slide out to protect them from water damaged.

The water damage can cause the slide-out floor to rot and it will become spongy. So, if you didn’t use the slide-out skies before and water has damaged your slide-out floor and walls then there you will have to repair it by replacing the wood frame. Unfortunately, there is no other method and you will have to put in the work to get your slide-out in perfect condition again.

Start by buying wood for the frame of your RV slide-out. The next thing you’ll need is to remove all the damaged parts by using a saw or removing the pieces with a hammer.

Once all of the rotten pieces are out you can take fresh pieces of wood and patch in the damaged parts. Blend in the new piece by using a finish on the entire slide-out frame and that should get the problem fixed for you.

You can ask other campers to help you out if you don’t know how to repair the frame yourself. Also, to save time you can just take the RV to a workshop and there the mechanics will take care of all your problems.

You will still have to pay quite a bit but that way you will avoid all the hassle of fixing the damaged frame yourself.

Most campers like to have their RVs elevated from one side. So, the water damage only affects one part of the slide-out where water keeps gathering and your frame keeps on rotting.

In most cases, the roof is properly sealed and you won’t have any issues with the rainwater. But it’s the slide-out floor that always gets damaged from the rainwater.

How To Avoid Water Damage To Slide Out?

To prevent water damage from affecting the floor of your slide-out you can just spend some money and buy a set of slide-out skies. They might seem expensive at first but you will be spending a lot more when your slide-out gets water damaged.

Moreover, the slide-out skies look beautiful and will properly protect your floor from rain. The seals on the side will ensure that no water gets inside your vehicle and you can take out the slides even if it is raining.

But if you can’t buy the slide-outs immediately then a long strip of duct tape will also work for a little while. That way the water droplets won’t be able to get below your floor and damage it.

The adhesion property of the water is the main reason for the water damage and it can easily be solved by using duct tape or slide-out skies. If it is too late for you then you will have to replace the rotten frame of your slide-out.

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