Lippert Slide-Out Problems- 3 Issues To Know About

lippert slide-out problems
lippert slide-out problems

Going out on camping trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. Although, most of these trips last a few days while there are also enthusiasts that enjoy going out on much longer trips. Considering this, they must be properly prepared as this will help them in avoiding any issues. The most essential thing for someone who wants to stay on their trip for a long time is having a large vehicle with them.

These include motorhomes and RVs that come with numerous features to keep their users relaxed even when they are out on a trip. One useful feature that you can find in some vehicles is slide-outs. If your motorhome did not have this already then you can get one installed from a third-party brand. The slide-out from Lippert is easy to install but there are also some problems with them. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common issues that can be found along with ways to fix them.

Lippert Slide-Out Problems and Their Best Solutions

1. Power Issues

The most common problem that you can get with your Lippert slide-out is that the device will not come out when you press the button on it. These slides are small rooms that you can extend with the click of a single button. Although, one thing that you should note is that these will only extend while your vehicle is in parking. This is to ensure that you do not get into any dangerous situations. Considering this, the reason why your slides might not be working can be that your vehicle was not in parking mode.

If this does not work for you then it is better that you thoroughly check the different parts on your device. The first thing to look out for is the electrical switch for your slides. Sometimes the switch breaks down which prevents the device from receiving power even when you switch it on. You can test the voltage in this button using a voltmeter to confirm if it is broken or not.

Additionally, make sure that you check all the wirings for this as well as some of these might have come off. Replacing any damaged cables or connecting loose ones back in might also help your slides to start working again. Finally, if the equipment is still not receiving any power then your problem might be from the backend. This includes either your batteries or the generator depending on which one is used in powering up your slides. Usually, these should be your batteries.

These devices require you to keep them filled up with water at all times. Furthermore, you have to clean the terminals on these frequently. This is because small layers of oxide can form on it which prevents current from flowing through. In case, the material on your terminals is stuck, you should pour some warm water on it to soften all the gunk. This should then be easily removable by scrubbing it a little.

2. Slide-Out Not Moving

Sometimes when trying to use the slide-out on your motorhome, you might notice that it has gotten stuck. This can be quite annoying to deal with because you are unable to drive around your vehicle while the slide-out is extended. Considering this, the first thing that you should try is completely retracting the equipment. This usually forces the slides to close so that you can take your vehicle to a workshop nearby you. Although, if this does not work then there might be something stuck in the gears of your slides.

Trying to access the pump and motor can be difficult if your slides are only partially extended. Considering this, try taking out the slides completely before you access these. You should now start by cleaning all the dust gathered here and removing anything stuck between the teeth of your motor. Small rocks or substances can block these motors and prevent the slides from moving. In most cases, if you had not been keeping these cleaned then this should fix your problem. This is why it is recommended that you make a habit of cleaning up all the appliances on your motorhome.

This will ensure that all of these different features and parts last you a long time without running into any issues. Although, if this does not work then there might be something wrong with your motor. You can try lubricating it to see if that fixes the issue. However, if even this does not work then some of the wirings on your motor might have come off. You will have to carefully observe the cables for this and even check them for any damages. If you manage to find any wires that had come off then installing them back in should help in fixing your problem.

3. Motor Might Be Faulty

If you are still having the same issue then there is a high chance that the motor in your slides has gotten damaged. But you should keep in mind that the only way to test this device is by taking it out. If you are familiar with how these works then you can disconnect the motor for your slides and then test it using a voltmeter. Taking readings of its resistance after connecting the motor to a battery should help you in confirming if it is broken or not. In case it is damaged, you will have to purchase a new one by contacting Lippert.

They will send you the replacement parts but make sure that you provide them with details about your issue. On the other hand, if you are someone who is feeling hesitant to check the motor in their slides on their own. Then you should completely retract the slides using the manual wheel provided on the device. You can then take your vehicle directly to Lipper or a dealer verified by them to get it checked. They should be able to thoroughly check your vehicle for issues and then fix them as soon as possible.

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