Power Gear Leveling System Calibration Modes

power gear leveling system calibration
power gear leveling system calibration

Keeping your vehicle maintained is one of the most essential things. This will ensure that the user does not run into any problems while they are out on their trip. Talking about this, while the maintenance for most vehicles is the same.

When you decide to purchase a larger one like motorhomes or RVs. The user can find it hard trying to keep them stabilized. This is because the weight on them needs to be balanced at all times.

This is quite difficult to do manually which is exactly why people decide to go for automated systems instead.

A goof leveling system will also help the user to lift their vehicles when required. This helps in both changing the oil and even taking a look at your tires. While many companies manufacture these products, one of the best ones that you can go for is Power Gear.

Power Gear

Power Gear is a famous company that is known for manufacturing products that help in keeping your vehicle balanced. This helps you to get a stable riding experience while you are out on your trip.

Aside from this, the company offers numerous lineups to select from which are all equipped with unique features. You should also note that Power Gear is currently owned by Lippert which is another great brand.

They also manufacture stabilizing products that you can install on your vehicle to keep them leveled. The leveling systems made by the brand are quite famous. But you should keep in mind that a complete calibration is required before they can be used.

If you have not set up your Power Jack leveling system then this will prevent the device from functioning correctly. Considering this, you must do proper calibration on your device after the installation is complete.

Power Gear Leveling System Calibration

The leveling system from Power Gear comes with a few modes that you can select. All of these work in different ways which is why the user should select one that works best for them.

Considering this, one option is to go through the different calibration modes and then select the one you like. If you are confused about how these can be selected then the user can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • While the engine is on activate the parking brakes
  • As the parking brakes are activated you need to use the touchpad to press the front around 5 times
  • Then you have to press the back button 5 times, if done correctly you will notice the LED indicator will blink
  • Now you need to check the zero level by using a carpenter’s level by matching it with the chassis
  • Using the Carpenter’s level, you can calibrate the balance by using the touchpad
  • Repeat the same process for the sides after you have successfully calibrated the front and rear
  • You can use the left and right buttons on the touchpad and then check the zero level on the tool
  • That is how you can calibrate your vehicle by using the power gear. For further details, you can ask an expert from power gear to assist you while you try to calibrate your vehicle.

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