3 Ways To Fix RV Window Seals Shrinking Down

rv window seals shrinking
rv window seals shrinking

If you love going out camping or on long trips then there is a chance that you own an RV. It can be amazing to have an RV or trailer to go out on trips. This is because the user is always at ease as they have access to electricity and they can charge their devices with it. Additionally, you have a bathroom in it as well as a kitchen to make anything for yourself.

While the list of benefits for owning an RV can keep on going on, some users might run into a few problems with them. One problem that a lot of RV users have run across is their window seals shrinking down. If this has happened to you as well then here are a few ways you can fix it.

How To Fix RV Window Seals Shrinking?

  1. Stretch It Back

This is quite a common issue that a lot of RV owners face. Although it can be quite worrisome that the seals on your windows have become shrunk down. There are several ways you can fix it.

Keeping that in mind, the easiest method to fix is that you can try to manually stretch the seal back to its place. This will most probably fix your issue but it might end up not fixing it 100%.  Also, keep in make sure that you do not apply too much force to the seal or it might even break.

  1. Using A Hair Dryer

One other reason for the seal to have shrunken down can be due to cold temperature. The rubber in the seal might have gotten compressed. One fix for this is that you use a hairdryer to expand the seal back to its place. Start by taking any hair dryer that you might have at your home and then start to gently apply heat on the window’s seal.

You will notice that the pool liner will start to stretch after applying a little heat. Now stretch the seal back into its place and let it cool down for some time. After it has cooled down back to its original temperature, your window seal should look perfectly fine just like before. Lastly, remember to not apply too much heat or the rubber might end up stretching too much.

  1. Reseal Your Windows

You can also reseal your windows so that the problem is completely gone. Although this requires a little tedious work, if you want to make your seals look perfect again then the best option for you is to reseal them. For this, you will need to remove the windows by screwing them out. After this use a knife to scrape off the old seals that have gotten stuck to the outsides.

Finally, use seal tapes around the outside of your windows and screw back your windows back in. Put the frame back in as well and then use a spray bottle to clean up the windows. This should reseal your windows and this should now block any rainwater from entering your vehicle.

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