RV Heater Blowing Cold Air: 3 Ways To Fix

rv heater blowing cold air
rv heater blowing cold air

People all over the world enjoy going out on camping trips. This helps them in having a fun experience while enjoying the wildlife as well. Though, in the case of enthusiasts and people who want to take their families with them.

They must take all the right equipment with them. This is usually not possible on a small vehicle which is why they purchase RVs instead.

These spacious vehicles come with tons of features for their users. Though, keep in mind that there are also some problems that you can get.

Talking about this, one of the most common issues that many people have reported is that the heater in their RV is blowing cold air. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some simple steps that should help you in fixing this.

RV Heater Blowing Cold Air

  1. Battery Running Low on Power

Having your RV heater blow cold air during winters can be quite annoying. Though, you should note that the most common reason for this can be that your batteries are too weak. This causes the burner in your heater to keep switched off.

This is added as a security feature to prevent the device from getting damaged. Considering this, the user should check the batteries in their vehicle.

Make sure that they are charged properly to fix your problem. If you notice that the battery is not charging properly then make sure that it is filled with enough water. Additionally, make sure that the terminals on it are tightly connected and cleaned off.

If you have just filled in the water in your batteries, then you will have to drive it around for some time. This helps the device to get charged, after which your problem should be gone.

  1. Check Fan Settings

Sometimes when trying to use the heater. The user might accidentally switch on their fan as well. Considering this, if the settings on your thermostat are lower than the room temperature.

Then your heater will start to blow cold air. This happens because the fan is usually used to enable the air conditioner in your vehicle. Considering this, simply changing the settings on your thermostat should fix your issue.

You can even set the temperature to auto which should heat your vehicle on its own. Then adjust the temperature accordingly leaving out the hassle to do all of this manually.

  1. Faulty Thermostat

In some cases, even after setting up all the configurations for your thermostat, the user might still get the same issue. This happens when the thermostat in your vehicle had become damaged or its sensors are faulty. Trying to clean these off or even replacing them can be quite difficult.

This is why it is better that you take your vehicle to a workshop or its company instead. They should be able to fix the faulty equipment for you easily. Alternatively, if it requires any replacement then they can help you with the process as well as arranging the parts.

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