What Is RV Furnace Flame Sensor?

rv furnace flame sensor
rv furnace flame sensor

Going out on camping trips with your family and friends can be quite fun. This lets you enjoy the wildlife while also feeling relaxed. Though, enthusiasts usually like going out to places with extreme weather conditions.

Considering this, they will most likely own a recreational vehicle or motorhome with them. These come with numerous features to help you the user. Though, one thing that will benefit them the most during cold climate areas is having a furnace.

These devices can allow people to enter a specific temperature for their vehicle. This will then be followed by your RV or motorhome and the furnace will ensure the vehicle is kept heated up.

Though, in some cases, you might even find your furnace running into problems. Considering this, you should know how these devices work and how you can troubleshoot the issues. This should also help you in fixing any error that your furnace tuns into.

RV Furnace Flame Sensor

One of the most important parts of an RV furnace is its flame sensors. These are small devices that will ensure that there is no leakage of gas from your furnace. The way this is done is that the flame sensor will keep a check over the flame burning in your furnace.

Once it notices that the flam has been extinguished, the sensor will shut down the connection, preventing any further gas from flowing to the furnace.

Considering this, you can see how important this small part in your furnace is. In most cases, if your furnace is having trouble starting up or keeps shutting down.

Then the issue is most likely due to the flame sensor. This is exactly why you should keep a check over it and ensure the device does not run into any problems.

Keeping Your Flame Sensors Clean

Usually, when you notice an issue with your flame sensors. The first thing that you can do is to observe the equipment. Some signs that you can look out for are if the burner light goes off right after switching on.

You can even check if there are any cracks or damages on the sensor or if it is covered with dust. While most of these problems will be fixed by a simple clean of your flame sensor.

If there are any damages on it then you will have to get it replaced. Additionally, the device is extremely sensitive which is why you should be careful when cleaning it.

Accidentally damaging the sensor will most likely make it faulty. As for the cleaning process, you can start by switching off your furnace.

Make sure that you have taken out the main power line as there is a chance of getting shocked while cleaning the device. You can first access the sensor by opening up the chamber of your furnace.

Then clean off all the dust around it with a cloth and finally, you can get to the sensor. Use a small pin to clear all the dust around it but do not exert too much force.

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