RV Furnace Fan Runs But No Heat: 4 Ways To Fix

rv furnace fan runs but no heat
rv furnace fan runs but no heat

Recreational vehicles and other motorhomes are equipped with lots of features to keep their users satisfied. Although, the equipment’s that you will have usually depend on what model of vehicle you bought.

Users also have the option to install appliances in their vehicles for their use. One of the most important things to have when taking your RV in a cold climate is a furnace.

These provide users with the ability to control temperature and heat their rooms under a cold climate. While using them, you might sometimes run into a few problems.

One of the most common ones is that the RV furnace and its fan runs but there is no heat. If you get this issue then here are some steps that should be able to help you.

RV Furnace Fan Runs But No Heat

  1. Check Propane Tank

The first thing to check in this condition is the propane thank you are using. Furnaces in RVs use the gas from these tanks to work.

If there is any problem while taking in the fuel then your furnace will stop functioning. Considering this, your propane tank might have run out.

Check the quantity of gas in it. If it’s more than enough then there might be a problem with its valves. These can sometimes get blocked up and stop any air from passing between them.

Take them off carefully and clean them up. If you notice that any valve has broken then you can also get them replaced. This should also be able to fix the issue with your RV furnace.

  1. Check Electrical Wiring

Another common reason for your furnace to not heat up can be that there is a problem with its electrical wirings. Keep in mind that users have to go through lots of steps during this and testing electrical wiring can be really dangerous.

If you do not have any knowledge about this then you should contact a professional instead. However, if you want to do this on your own then make sure that you switch off the power on your vehicle before touching anything.

Use a voltmeter to note all the readings from different wires and notice if there are any fluctuations between them. Additionally, check your battery for any problems that it might have.

These can usually run out of water or require proper cleaning to get them back to work. Get your wiring or outlets replaced if there are any damages in them and this should be able to make your furnace produce heat again.

  1. Examine Heat Registers

Furnaces in RVs have small heat registers on them. These take a reading of the fire applied on them to start the furnace. These act as the main control of temperature for your devices.

If this starts to block off even slightly then your furnace will stop functioning. This is why you should examine the heat registers on your device and clean them up carefully.

This should open them up and clear all the dust blocking them. However, if you notice that these have become beyond repair then it is better that you purchase a replacement part instead. Although make sure to check the electrical rating on these registers to confirm if they are supported by your furnace.

  1. Restricted Ventilation

Lastly, one other reason why you might get this problem is that the area near your furnace is too crowded. You might have put a lot of furniture or items with good insulation near it.

These absorb or block off all the heat and don’t allow it to be spread all over the vehicle. Keeping this in mind, if that is the case then you should clear up all the items near your furnace.

Make sure that the hot air from it is completely spread across the room without getting blocked. This should most likely help you to fix your problem. Sometimes even carpets or mats can prove to block the heat from these devices.

Although, this only happens when they are directly in the way of the air. If you also have a carpet or rug in your RV then you can try to remove it and see if that fixed your issue.

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