3 Steps For Keeping RV Cool in Extreme Heat

keeping rv cool in extreme heat
keeping rv cool in extreme heat

Going out on camping trips with your friends and family can be a lot of fun. Though, you must take the best possible equipment with you. This should help in ensuring that you have a relaxing time on your trip. Although, when it comes to carrying all of this on your car, it can be a little difficult. This is why most enthusiasts purchase larger vehicles like RVs and motorhomes.

These come with numerous features that ensure you have a fun time on your trip. This includes having several rooms that you can rest in or even store all your luggage in. While these can be amazing, there are also some problems that you can run into. One common issue that you can get is their RV not cooling down. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some ways that can help you in keeping RV cool in extreme heat.

Keeping RV Cool in Extreme Heat

1. Using Air Conditioner

Camping enthusiasts enjoy going out on trips even when the weather conditions are hard. Considering this, some users might consider traveling while it is hot outside. When it comes to this, you must keep the temperature inside your vehicle cool. This should help you in ensuring that you can travel easily.

In case the temperature gets too hot, the user cannot even rest properly in their vehicle. This is why you must keep your vehicle cool under these circumstances. One of the best ways that you can use to achieve this is by using your air conditioners. These devices ensure that the temperature inside your motorhome stays at the exact value you have set on the control panel.

Although, a lot of people complain that their RV does not cool properly when there is a lot of heat outside. Considering this, you should note several things that will help you in avoiding problems. One of these is that the air conditioner will take additional time to cool down your vehicle. Aside from this, the device can also run into some issues that prevent it from cooling properly.

This is why you must keep it maintained to ensure there are no problems. Making sure that the vents are all properly cleaned should help you out. Dust gathering in them can prevent cold air from passing through. This is why getting the vents cleaned by a professional can also help.

2. Install Roof Vents

Another thing that you can try is installing RV roof vents in your vehicle. Usually, the AC is enough to fix this problem but there might be some reason why you don’t want to use it. This is why you can go with other solutions as well. Just keeping these in mind can also be important as they will help you in case your AC stops working. Roof vents can be installed easily on any motorhome or RV.

The only thing that you will have to keep a check over is if these are supported. The devices provide you with small vents that help the air in crossing through. Although, any water particles from rain will be kept outside the vehicle. These vents also come with fans which can help in keeping an even better circulation.

This is why you should ensure that you get these vents. There are tons of companies manufacturing them which might make you confused at first. Although, going through their specifications should help you in understanding which device has better features.

3. Use Shades

Aside from the steps mentioned above, using shades can be another great thing to help you out. These can be installed on your windows to prevent heat from sunlight to enter the vehicle. Although, keep in mind that these will work best when you pair them up with vents or AC.

This is why you should use this as an additional solution instead of using shades separately. Finally, you can even switch the light bulbs in your vehicle to LED lights. This is because these provide less heat and consume lower voltage. The lights also last a long time so you will not have to worry about them going bad anytime soon.

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