Atwood Water Heater Won’t Stay Lit: 3 Fixes

atwood water heater won't stay lit
atwood water heater won’t stay lit

Having a water heater is essential during cold seasons. These help you out in getting warm water at all times. Similarly, when you are going out on trips in a cold climate, it feels like a blessing to have a water heater installed in your vehicle.

Most companies that manufacture these vehicles usually come with these water heaters pre-installed in them.

While the brands for them might vary, the most used one is Atwood. This is an amazing heater that comes with a lot of features built into it. These are also quite easy to use and you can even adjust the temperature on them.

Although, sometimes you might get a few issues with these devices. Some users have reported that their Atwood water heater won’t stay lit. If this happens to you as well then, this article should help you in getting rid of the problem.

Atwood Water Heater Won’t Stay Lit

  1. Thermostat Problem

If your water heater is not staying lit and keeps switching off then there might be a problem with your thermostat. This allows users to adjust the temperature of their heater according to their use. The thermostat will then monitor the temperature and then keep it stable.

If this starts to get defective then it will keep switching off the flame on its own. The only way to get rid of this is by replacing the part. While you can follow instructions given online to replace it on your own.

It is recommended that you contact a specialist instead. This is because it can be quite dangerous to replace the thermostat and any problems during the installment can end up in a hazard.

  1. Gas Valve

Another reason for this problem is having a bad gas valve. This is where the gas from your tanks goes into the heater from. You can confirm this by checking if there is gas coming to your heater from the valve.

You can also try increasing the pressure and then switching on your heater. This will increase the gas coming in and your heater should be able to run without any issues.

However, if the problem persists then you might have to replace your gas valve or get it fixed from a workshop.

Usually, replacement parts for gas valves are quite cheap and available in most stores. However, keep in mind that you should use a part that is compatible with your Atwood heater.

  1. Clean Up Dust

The Atwood water heaters have small furnaces in them which lit up and the device then starts to heat the water. Although, if there is dust collecting on the furnace then the heater might have a problem sensing the flame and its temperature.

This is why you need to clean up the furnace completely and even use a small pin to clean up the sensors. Make sure that you close your gas valves before doing this and do not exert too much pressure.

The sensors are quite sensitive and can get damaged easily. Finally, after cleaning up the furnace, your flame should not stay lit without any problems.

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