A Guide On How To Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter

how to clean rv air conditioner filter
how to clean rv air conditioner filter

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their friends and family. These let them explore new areas while also having a lot of fun. Although, having the best possible equipment with you can be necessary. This is why most people purchase larger vehicles like RVs and motorhomes. These have enough storage so that you can easily keep all of your equipment with you.

Additionally, you get to use electrical appliances even while you are traveling. This can be amazing but there are several things that you will have to look out for. This includes ensuring that you do not use too many appliances as the power in your vehicle is limited. Having lots of electrical devices with lots of consumption will drain your batteries. This can be quite annoying which is why it is best that you lookout for it.

Air Conditioners

Most of the features in your RV depend on what brand you get it from. Considering this, you must purchase your vehicle by thoroughly going through the specifications. This should help you in understanding what features your motorhome will have. As for the appliances installed in your vehicle, your dealer should provide you with a list of devices to select from.

This helps in ensuring that you get all the electrical devices required by you. Additionally, you can even take out equipment that you do not need to save money. Keep in mind that you also have the option to purchase these appliances from a third-party brand. Talking about this, one of the best devices that will be required if you want to travel during summers is an air conditioner.

How To Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter

Having air conditioners with you can be amazing as they help you in keeping your motorhome cold even during summers. However, the filters in this device start to gather dust over time. This can be quite annoying as your AC will stop cooling down because of all the clogs. Luckily, you can easily clean your RV air conditioner filter using the steps mentioned below.

  1. Start by switching off your AC and take out the main power cable for it out of the outlet. This will prevent you from getting shocked in case of any fluctuations.
  2. You can now open the cover for your AC to expose its filters.
  3. Take out the filters and start cleaning them using water. Make sure that you remove all of the dust carefully.
  4. Once done, leave your filters to dry and then start cleaning the AC unit using a cloth.
  5. Finally, put your filters back in and start the AC.
  6. Check the airflow once to ensure the device has started blowing cold air.

Using the steps mentioned above is enough to clean the air filters for your AC. Keep in mind that if you are still getting the same issue then there is a chance that your device requires service. You will have to contact a specialist for this. They will open the AC and then clean it thoroughly. Additionally, if there is any other problem with your device then they should be able to fix it as well.

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