Ran Out Of Propane Now Furnace Won’t Light: 3 Fixes

ran out of propane now furnace won't light
ran out of propane now furnace won’t light

When going out for camping trips, the most important thing to consider is what stuff you are taking with you. You must bring the best possible equipment if you intend to stay for a few days or weeks. This will help you in staying worry-free and having a fun time. Talking about this, having a propane tank can be quite important as this lets you light up your stoves and use furnaces.

You can consider the number of tanks you should take depending on how long you will be staying. Doing so should ensure that you do not run into any issues. Although, one problem that users have reported is that once they ran out of propane gas, now their furnace won’t light. If you are getting the same issue then here are some steps that should help you in fixing this problem.

Ran Out Of Propane Now Furnace Won’t Light

  1. Reset the Furnace

Most furnaces have a control panel on them that lets the user access its configurations. You can adjust the heat from here and even control other stuff depending on what features your furnace has. Although, one button that should be present on most devices is a reset switch.

This lets the furnace reset its valves by bleeding out any gas that was stuck in it and then pulling new gas from your tank. Considering this, if your furnace stopped working right when you switched the propane tank on it. Then resetting the system should fix your problem. You can access the switch from your control panel. Consult the manual if you are having trouble finding this on your own.

  1. Find the Bleeder Valve

Another thing that you can try doing on your furnace is finding the bleeder valve on it. This step is for people who do not have a reset switch on their furnace or if it is not working for some reason. The bleeder valve should allow you to manually drain out most of the gas that is stuck in the pipes.

This should be located near the fuel pump in most furnaces. Loosen the pipe a little to let your gas exit the pipes and then connect it back to the new tank. If you are having trouble with finding the valve then check the manual again for the help.

  1. Pipe Might Be Loose

Finally, you should note that most furnaces have a security feature on them. This is to cut off the connection if they notice any leakages in the pipes. Usually, when you connect a tank to your furnace, the user has to ensure the pipes are tightly attached.

Although, if these are loose then the sensors will most likely detect it and switch off the device. Considering this, make sure that your pipes are all connected tightly and there are no damages to them. If there are any then replace them with new ones. Hopefully, this should allow you to start using the device again. If not then you should get your furnace checked by a professional.

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