3 Ways To Fix Propane Tank Valve Stem Leaking

propane tank valve stem leaking
propane tank valve stem leaking

Propane tanks are liquefied petroleum that is produced by refining natural gas and crude oil. People usually use it as an alternative source of energy. These are useful when you have no access to electricity, coal, or gas. Another thing to note about propane tanks is that they are quite cheap when compared to electricity. The price for these is almost half when compared to using electricity for providing power.

People use these in various situations which range from using these to provide themselves with a fire while cooking to even using them at your house to heat up water. Although, sometimes the valve stem on your propane tank might start leaking. This can be really dangerous and should be taken care of as soon as possible. This is why we will be using this article to help you in fixing this issue.

How To Fix Propane Tank Valve Stem Leaking?

  1. Damaged Tank

This is quite a common issue and the most probable reason for this is that the tank that your propane gas is in might be damaged. Most stores and exchanges that provide people with LPG tanks have hundreds of tanks lying around. These sometimes get damaged while the store is refilling them. Even, though these are checked by the store before handing them out to someone.

The tank that you received might have become damaged due to a similar reason and that is why it might be leaking. The best option for you is to return to the store you bought this tank from. You should tell them about your problem and they will most likely be happy to replace it for you. This is in case the tank is actually leaking gas.

  1. Problem with Equipment

Although, this is almost really unlikely to happen. There might be a problem with the equipment that you are using with your propane tank. If the pressure coming from your equipment is really low then the gas will flow slowly to the burners. In most cases, this results in a low flame and no other problem.

However, it might be possible that this is causing your gas to be leaked from the back of the tank’s valve. Make sure to take a closer look at all your equipment and fix anything that might be wrong with it. This should help you in stopping any additional gas from leaking out of the tank.

  1. Pressure Release Problem

Another reason for the gas to leak out from the propane tank can be that the pressure release on the tank is causing this problem. This usually happens when the temperature of the tank is increased and it starts to build up pressure inside.

This makes the gas to start leaking out of the valves present on it. Take a look at your valve while using the tank. If it opens while you are using it then t means that your tank is building up pressure on its insides. Get the pressure release valve replaced or replace it on your own to fix this problem.

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  1. If you buy a tank in Moab Utah at the City Market, they won’t “happily replace it” even if it had a bad O-Ring and you didn’t notice it Immediately.


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