Troubleshooting Dometic Refrigerator No Power Issue (6 Steps)

dometic refrigerator troubleshooting no power
dometic refrigerator troubleshooting no power

You will often notice that the majority of motorhome owners use Dometic refrigerators for their vehicles. This is because of the affordable price tags and the reliability. You can use this fridge on the gas or the electrical mode.

Even though it is very reliable, you might still run into some issues with your Dometic refrigerator. A lot of people have been complaining about power issues with their Dometic Refrigerator. Customers have mentioned that the lights in the fridge won’t light up and it will stop cooling.

This problem is quite common and there are a lot of factors that might create this problem in your fridge. This is why we will be covering some methods that can help you fix the power issues.

Troubleshooting Dometic Refrigerator No Power Issue?

  1. Check Fuse

The majority of times, this problem can easily be traced back to a blown fuse. So, if you are getting no power in the Dometic refrigerator then you should always start by checking the fuse. Most often than not, this issue will be fixed after you replace the blown fuse and everything will start working as it should.

You will need to check two fuse connections to isolate the power problem with your fridge. The first one will be outside the motorhome which will be directly connected to the fridge. You need to check the integrity of this fuse first and then replace it if it is blown. However, if the fuse is not blown and you are still not getting any power then you will need to check the other fuse.

The second fuse you need to check will be in the RV fuse box. Depending upon your connection line you might have to change the 15 Amp fuse in the RV fuse box. If this fuse is blown then you will just have to replace it with another 15 Amp fuse and everything should start working like it is supposed to.

  1. Check Contact Points

If there are no issues with the fuse then you should measure the power output from the source to see if it is up to mark. If the power output is not sufficient then the lights on your main panel won’t come on even after replacing the fuse. So, you will need to use a measuring device to check the power output across different connection points to find the problem.

Sometimes, the fix to this problem can be as easy as cleaning the connectors. Depending upon the age of the fridge, these connectors can go bad after a few years unless you take proper care of them. So, if your motorhome was sitting idle somewhere for a long time then you should check the connection points to see if everything is working properly or not.

If you notice that these connection points are corroded then you will have to clean the rust off of the connection points. Depending upon the severity of the corrosion you might need to use sandpaper or a metal brush to clean the rust off of these connection points. Hopefully, the fridge will light up again after you check the connection points.

  1. Use External Power Source

If you are still unable to get the fridge working after following the two steps mentioned above, then you should try your luck with an external power source. That will make it easier for you to find the main cause of this issue. You can use an extension cord to connect your fridge with an external power source and then if the fridge lights up, you will know for sure that the problem is with the power source or the wiring in your RV.

However, if the fridge does not power up even after using an external power source, then it is likely that there is something wrong with the main circuit. In this situation, you can either call the company number or take your fridge to a repair shop. A specialist will be able to guide you more effectively after examining your Dometic Refrigerator.

If you recently purchased the Dometic Refrigerator then don’t try to open the main panel yourself. You should always contact the company regarding the warranty claim and they will get it repaired for you. And if you’re lucky, you might even get a replacement.

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