3 Practical Methods To Keep Food Cold Camping

how to keep food cold camping
how to keep food cold camping

Most camping enthusiasts own large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. These come with numerous features that ensure you have a fun time on your trip. This includes having lots of space to store your luggage as well as the ability to use electrical appliances. Although, these vehicles can be quite expensive and they are only useful if you want to go out on trips for long durations.

Considering this, if you are a beginner then there is a high chance that these vehicles are not for you. The user can store all their luggage in a car instead. Although, one common issue that many people run into is when trying to keep their food cold. This can be quite annoying as you do not have access to a refrigerator. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few ways on how to keep your food cold when camping.

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping?

1. Using A Cooler

Most people going out for camping trips intend to stay for a few days. Usually, if you keep your food outside then it will start going bad after a few hours. The best way to keep food fresh is by keeping it at a low temperature. Considering this, the best method to keep your food cold is by putting it in a cooler. Keep in mind that the cooler itself will not be cold. Instead of this, you will have to put a bag of ice in it.

The cooler then maintains a temperature inside itself which will prevent the ice from melting. Additionally, any food that you have placed in your cooler will also stay cold. The type of ice you purchase will also determine how long it lasts. The most popular ice people use is bought from gas stations. Although, this will start to melt quickly which can be annoying.

Instead of this, you can also try putting in ice from your refrigerator. Keep in mind that you can either put ice as it is in your cooler. Alternatively, you can first put your ice in a bag and then put it in the cooler. Bagged ice will not make your cooler as cold as simple ice but it keeps your food protected from getting watery.

When it comes to purchasing a cooler, there are tons of companies that you can go for. Considering this, it is recommended that you go through the features of these products before purchasing them. Choosing a device that will last you a long time will help you in preventing any issues in the future.

2. Use Frozen Bottles or Freeze Packs

Another common method that people go with is putting frozen bottles of water or freeze packs next to their food. This will also keep it cold and there will be no worries of the food getting soggy. Although, it is mostly recommended that you put these water bottles or freeze packs in a cooler instead.

The method is quite easy and you will have no trouble doing it. Aside from this, coolers are widely available and some models can be quite cheap. Though make sure that you find a product that is not too expensive but it also has some of the best features. Aside from this, keeping separate coolers for both drinks and food is important as it will keep your food fresh.

3. Digging A Small Hole

Finally, if you do not have access to a cooler then another method that people used in older times was digging a hole. Make sure that this is wide enough so that you can easily fit your food in it. Now cover the hole and leave your food for the night. The temperature in the hole will be much lower than outside as no sunlight is hitting it.

Additionally, the soil is much colder which is why the food will stay fresh. Keep in mind that the deeper your hole is the lower its temperature will be. Additionally, you can also put frozen bottles in the hole to lower their temperature. This acts as a cooler if you do not have access to it. Although, if you are thinking about going out for a camping trip then you should purchase a cooler. These devices can be quite helpful and also easy to use.

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