3 Common Cat C7 Engine Problems (Troubleshooting)

cat c7 engine problems
cat c7 engine problems

Caterpillar is a famous company that is known for both designing and then manufacturing engines for their users. Most of these are made for heavy vehicles which include either motorhomes or recreational vehicles.

Alternatively, these are also used in vehicles made for industrial use. Aside from this, the company also manufactures tons of other products as well.

Cat C7 Engine Problems

If you are interested in their engines, then there are quite a lot of models that you can go for. One of the best ones from them is their CAT C7 engine.

While this was a great engine for most vehicles, some users have reported getting problems with it. Talking about this, if you have also encountered engine problems on the CAT C7 then this article should help you in troubleshooting.

  1. Engine Oil

While driving around your vehicle, if you start to hear any knocking sounds then it is most probably coming from the engine. You can also confirm this by parking the vehicle and then hearing where it is coming from.

If it is in fact from the engine then you should note that it can be quite dangerous to drive around your vehicle while the engine has problems. The first thing to check is your engine oil. You should notice that there is a small stick that you can pull out from the engine.

This shows the condition of the engine oil in it. If you notice that it has become darker or has started to get thick. Then this needs to be replaced as soon as possible. There are quite a several brands that manufacture these oils.

Considering this, while you select one, note that the brand is well-known and the mileage provided on it is good. This should help you out in the long run because the mileage determines how long your engine oil will last you before you have to replace it again.

  1. Check Valves

Another problem you can get on your engine can be from its valves. There are two different types of valves that these CAT C7 engines use. These include the IAPCV valve as well as the pressure relief valve. If the pressure relief valves on your engine fail then they need to be replaced or fixed.

The IAPCV valves usually start to die out and the problem is quite common. You can easily get them fixed by servicing them yourself. The procedure is quite simple but if you are unsure then it is better that you take your vehicle to a workshop instead.

  1. Replace Coolant

Just like the engine oil, the coolant on your engine also needs to be replaced with time. These start to dry up and you need to fill the gauge again. If the coolant levels drop too low then your engine will start to overheat.

Considering this if you notice that the CAT C7 engine is overheating too much then you should confirm the level of its coolant. If the problem persists then you can take your vehicle to a professional.

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