TST 507 vs 510 Tire Pressure Monitor System – Any Difference?

tst 507 vs 510
tst 507 vs 510

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their friends and family. Although, you will notice that some enthusiasts want to go out much more frequently. These people will also stay on their trips for long durations, ranging from a few weeks to even months at times. This is why they purchase larger vehicles like RVs and motorhomes.

The features provided in these ensure that the user has an enjoyable experience on their trips. Although, you should note that there are also some stability issues that you can run into with them. Most of these can be fixed by keeping a check over your tires. One of the best devices for this is either the TST 507 or TST 510. We will be using this article to provide you with information regarding both of these pieces of equipment. This should help you in deciding which will be better for you.

TST 507 vs 510: Tire Pressure Monitor System Comparison

TST 510 Tire Pressure Monitor System

Keeping a check over the pressure ratings on your tires is extremely important. This is if even one of the tires starts to go below the recommended value of air. Then you will start getting sway or stability issues on your vehicle. You can easily fix this by filling up the tire back with air. However, a lot of people find it annoying to get off their motorhome and check all of their tires from time to time.

Considering this, the best solution is to install a pair of sensors on these wheels that will keep you notified about the pressure rating. The TST 510 is among the most common tire pressure monitor system that people use all around the world. The package comes with a total of 6 sensors that will keep a check over the pressure and temperature of all the tires on your RV.

You also have the option to order extra sensors from the company if required. Although, keep in mind that these can be a little expensive so only purchase them if necessary. Aside from this, the battery life on these sensors can last you from 5 to 6 years easily. This might be a long time but once the batteries die out. The user has to get all of their sensors replaced with new ones.

Finally, when it comes to installing these sensors and the monitor system. The procedure is extremely easy and you can follow the instructions provided in the manual. This should take you a few minutes, after which the user can start using their device. You can also set the monitor system to send you alerts whenever the tires go low on air.

TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitor System

The TST 507 is another device from the same brand, Truck System Technologies. These tire sensors use a different design on them and are considered to be the newer model. The main difference that you will notice when purchasing these is that the kit now comes with a total of 10 sensors. These will easily cover a towed vehicle, which is why you will not have to purchase any extra sensors.

Another different thing about these sensors is that they now use batteries that can be replaced. These should last you from 2 to 3 years after which they require a replacement. Luckily, the batteries are cheap and you can get them from almost every electrical store. Additionally, you can even purchase a bundle of them online at a discount.

The only complaint with the TST 507 monitoring system is that the connection of the sensor can sometimes get interrupted. This is quite annoying but you can fix the problem by installing a repeater on your vehicle. Keeping all of the information provided above in mind, you will notice that both of these tire pressure systems are amazing. This is why at the end, which device to select depends on your personal preference.

You will also get a warranty service with both of these devices. This can be used to get replacement sensors in case yours fail before the time provided on them. Many people have reported that TST dealers gave them the option to switch from the 510 models to 507 when their batteries initially died out. Considering this, you might be able to get a deal like this as well. However, you can also decide to keep on using the same 510 models if it suits you better.

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