RV Fresh Water Tank Won’t Fill: 3 Ways To Fix

rv fresh water tank won't fill
rv fresh water tank won’t fill

If you own an RV then you should know how important it is to keep these vehicles maintained. This includes keeping them stored up in a safe place where they will not get damaged.

As well as keeping a check on its engine and tires even when you are not using it. Although, if you want to drive around the vehicle or are preparing to go on a trip.

Then checking the water tank on your RV should be your priority. This is because many problems with it can ruin the whole duration of your trip. One common problem that people have reported about getting with their tanks is RV fresh water won’t fill in the tank. If you are also getting this issue then here is how you can fix it.

RV Fresh Water Tank Won’t Fill

  1. Shut Valves

One of the most common reasons for your water tank to stop filling is that the valves on it might be shut off. There can be several of these depending on the model that you are using. Although, you can consult the manual provided to you by the company to find all of their locations.

If you have lost the manual then either check for it online or contact the company to help you out. Usually, these valves are placed near the main pump. There might be only a single one or up to 3 of them. Open up all of these to fix your problem.

  1. Check Vent Tubes

If all of the valves on your water tank are open but you are still getting the same problem. Then it is recommended that you check your vent tubes. These can easily get bent up which stops water from flowing through them.

Make sure that these are all in perfect condition so that water can easily pass through them. In case, you notice that these have gotten damaged or are leaking. You will have to replace them with new ones. Although, keep in mind that the fittings for these vent tubes need to match up with your model.

  1. Check Hose

Finally, if the problem persists then the hose is most likely responsible for it. If the position of these gets moved even slightly then they can stop functioning. Considering this, you will have to re-align them. Although, it is important to note that to reach these, users have to take off a bunch of items.

This disassembly process can get complicated for some people so you should contact a professional instead. However, if you want to fix it on your own then proceed to disassemble your water tank. After this, fix the position for the hose in it to fix the problem you have been getting.

There are many tutorials and guides online that should be able to help you in fixing it. These contain step-by-step procedures that are easy to follow. After fixing up the hose, make sure that you assemble all the water tank parts in their correct locations.

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