3 Common WFCO 55 AMP Power Converter Problems (Troubleshooting)

wfco 55 amp power converter troubleshooting
wfco 55 amp power converter troubleshooting

WFCO is another cool brand for you that allows you the right power and durability you are looking for in terms of converters. Power converters are a must have device for you if you are looking to go on a road trip as these batteries that are 12-volt cannot be used to power the appliances for your RV.

Yet, the converter will ensure you can use it with all sort of appliances, and you can even charge these batteries with the power converters when you want to.

WFCO 55 Amp power converter is the best thing for you to have, as it is pretty compact and easy to carry around. The power converter from WFCO is also highly durable and it can take most of the load that you throw on it.

There might be certain problems on this converter that you need to be careful about and you need to know about it properly. A few common problems that you might have to face with the WFCO 55 Amp power converter and their common solutions are:

WFCO 55 AMP Power Converter Troubleshooting

1) Unit Heating Up

The WFCO 55 Amp power converter is pretty good and all the components on this unit are highly durable. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can keep using it for hours and hours without giving it a break. This might cause your power converter to heat up and that is certainly not a good thing to have.

If the heating up goes for longer periods, you can expect to face some permanent malfunction on the unit that might need an expensive repair or even replacement.

To make sure that your WFCO 55 Amp power converter doesn’t get much heated, you will need to ensure that you are not blocking the heat dissipation area of the converter. It gets a fan and you will need to ensure that not only the fan has unblocked access to free air, but to also clean it up frequently so the dust or dirt on the fan doesn’t block the movement of air for you.

Also, you will need to give your power converter a break after every few hours of usage and if it is getting heated up, it would be better to disconnect your power converter and let it rest for 10-20 minutes. After that you can use it again and you will not have to deal with the excessive heat problem again.

2) Blown Fuse

Another common problem that you can come across while using the WFCO 55 Amp power converter is that the fuse might get blown due to current fluctuation or any number of reasons such as short circuit or excessive current flowing on the circuit than the power converter can handle. The fuse is there to cut off the current supply in such cases to ensure that internal components of your power converter don’t get damaged due to these problems.

You will need to take out the fuse and inspect it for any sort of damages or it might have been blown. If you feel like the fuse needs a replacement, you will need to replace it with a fuse of same resistance and that will sort out this problem for you.

The fuse is located conveniently at the back of your power converter where you can access it pretty easily. So, you just have to take it off, replace it and fit it tightly on the port. This way, you will be able to ensure that there are no more problems with the fuse on your WFCO 55 Amp Power Converter.

3) Power Cord Damage

The power cord is one of the most sensitive parts on this power converter as all the other components are well protected inside the metal casing and the power cord is hanging out.

So, if the power cord is damaged due to some wear and tear or some sharp bends, it definitely means it will need replacement. The damage on the power cord can cause it to overheat and have problems of all sorts including the short circuit that can also damage your appliances.

So, if you are facing that problem with the power cord being damaged or if it is getting heated up, you will need to optimally replace the power cord and that will sort this situation for you.

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  1. It seems to be dropping during a load will not carry a load the found that fan will not come on the batteries I mean fuses are okay

  2. Just had my wfco power center converter/charger die. Tiffany at wfco said to bad I shit out of luck. I had only used it a total of 2 weeks ……..


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