Do You Do Your Own Travel Trailer Repair Or Use A Mobile RV Repair Service?

If you own an RV then you will be delighted with the freedom that it offers you. You can go anywhere at any time and enjoy the open road and the incredible scenery. But from time to time you will need to maintain your RV and even repair it if something goes wrong. Should you attempt this yourself or call a mobile RV repair service?

Well, there are a number of factors that you need to take into account. One of the most important factors is your skill level and the confidence that you have when it comes to RV maintenance and repairs. With a mobile RV repair service, you will never need to worry about this as they will provide experienced technicians to tackle the job.

Then there is time. Do you really want to spend hours working on your RV to fix a problem or perform routine maintenance? If you value your time (which you certainly should) then it is best to leave it to the experts while you get on with other important things in your life.

What sort of things can go wrong with an RV?

Not only is your RV a vehicle but it is also your home as well. So you have a number of different things that can potentially go wrong that will require a repair. If you are used to tackling repairs in your home such as replacing a kitchen faucet then you should be able to tackle similar problems in your RV.

Wintertime can be very harsh on your RV. When the temperature is below freezing you can experience problems such as cracked fittings or burst water lines, a burst in your water heater, faucets leaking and even a broken water pump.

Campground at Winter time

It is important that you drain all of the water tanks that your RV has when you return back from a trip. This will minimize the chances of things freezing up in the winter and will probably save your tanks from splitting. If an RV water tank does need replacing then this is a big job and a mobile RV repair service is the best option.

RV toilets are a real convenience but they can often go wrong. Water flows can be problematic if heat builds up in your RV. This can lead to rubber seals stiffening and the toilet will stop working properly.

Another common RV toilet problem is that there is no retention of water in the toilet bowl or a problem with the water valve which leads to continuous running of water. Even worse is when you remove the cap from the wastewater drain to attach the sewer drain hose only to find a lot of unpleasant water waiting there for you.

If there is a leak in the shut-off valves of your waste tank you will probably find that any liquid in your black tank drains away when hooked up at an RV resort. Solids will accumulate at the bottom of the tank and set like concrete. Another black waste tank problem is where the monitor always indicates that it is full even when it isn’t.

Another classic RV repair problem is damage. It is often tempting to drive down narrow roads to get to the more secluded spots, but there can be danger lurking everywhere. Low hanging branches can cause the rubber roof on your RV to puncture, the rooftop vents for your air conditioning or refrigerator to break and windows to crack or break.

Then there is the motor element of your RV. If you are used to fixing problems with your car or other vehicles then you should be able to tackle simple RV motor problems. If not then we recommend that you call out a mobile RV repair service.

Your RV engine can stop running properly or even seize up altogether if there are problems with the engine oil. RV engine problems can be very expensive, so it is best to have a regular maintenance schedule.

As with a car it is possible to experience problems with the fuel and cooling systems of your RV.  Fuel system problems can increase fuel consumption and cost you a lot of extra money on gas if you are undertaking long journeys. Overheating problems are common and can cause long-term damage.

It is very important that you keep your RV brakes maintained. An RV with ineffective brakes can be a real danger to you and your family as well as other road users. If you need to call a mobile RV repair service to repair your RV brakes this can cost you a great deal of money.

A lot of RV owners experience punctures and other tire-related problems. Incorrect tire pressures are often the cause of these problems. There have been cases where an RV has lost a wheel completely. Loose lug nuts are something that you should look out for.

Your battery is a crucial part of your RV. If it fails then you can be stuck in the middle of nowhere. All deep cycle batteries have a life expectancy of around three to five years, so get a replacement when the time is up.

This is just a sample of things that can go wrong with your RV. There are many more and some of these will be very challenging for the average DIY person. If you need a travel trailer repair that is going to be beyond you then it is time to call a mobile RV repair service.

Minimize the chances of requiring a Mobile RV Repair Service with Preventative Maintenance

If you want to experience many years of service from your RV without the need for repairs then the best thing you can do is to go for regular preventative maintenance. You may be able to do some or all of the preventative maintenance on your RV yourself. If not then leave it to the experts.

There will obviously be a time cost or monetary cost (or both) with scheduled preventative maintenance but it is worth it to protect your RV. With a good preventative maintenance plan, you will keep a check on the most common things that can go wrong with an RV.

If you do not check your RV regularly then poorly maintained parts will break and cause you significant problems. A number of good mobile RV repair services can perform scheduled preventative maintenance for you if you do not have the time or the inclination, so there is no excuse.

You do not want to experience motor problems so ensure that you check and maintain these common items:

Braking System

The checking of your RV brake pads and the brake fluid is crucial. It is incredible how fast your brake pads can wear down if you have been driving on terrain that is challenging. The brake fluid lines also need checking for defects as part of the preventative maintenance program.

Air Filtration

Your RV will have at least one air filter and the preventative maintenance needs to cover checking and replacing if necessary. A clean air filter ensures that the combustion chamber of your RV’s engine remains clean. If this is not the case then fuel consumption will rise and your engine will not operate as efficiently as it needs to.

Fuel System

Your RV fuel filter needs checking during preventative maintenance so that it remains clean and not contaminated with debris from the fuel tank. Clogged fuel filters will stop your engine operating correctly and performance issues will result.

Suspension System

Problems with your RV suspension can lead to all sorts of issues. Your tires can wear unevenly, and if the suspension needs replacing you can find that when you apply the brake the front end of your RV will drop low.

If the preventative maintenance uncovers suspension that needs replacing then this is a job for a garage that specializes in RV maintenance or a competent mobile RV repair service. Special tools will often be required to change suspension units.

Ignition System

You may have contact points in your ignition system if your RV is an old model. These need checking under preventative maintenance. Poorly maintained contact points can cause starting problems and engine running problems.

In newer RV models that have a direct ignition setup, you can have problems with clogged up injectors. There are additives for your RV fuel tank available that may relieve the problem a little, but if the injectors need replacing then replace them.


The truth is that your RV is a complex beast and you need to take care of it regularly. Some travel trailer repairs are possible by people that have the right aptitude, but these will consume a lot of time. To work properly on an RV you need a lot of space in which to operate.

Only you can decide if it is worth your time learning how to repair your RV if things go wrong. It can be a false economy to attempt a repair job if you do not have the right skills as you can end up making things worse than they were at the beginning. If in doubt you should call in a mobile RV repair service.

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  1. I like how you included that the checking of your RV brake pads and the brake fluid is crucial. My RV has been making weird noises every time I press on the brakes and I wanted to know if I should get that checked out. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind while I look for a place to fix my RV.


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