3 Steps For Troubleshooting Elixir Power Converter

elixir power converter troubleshooting
elixir power converter troubleshooting

If you own an RV then you will probably know what a power converter is. These are used to convert the current coming from other sources to a 12-volt DC power which your RV can use. Without these, there will be no way your RV can charge from generators or use other electrical outlets to power up appliances.

One of the most common power converters used by people is made by Elixir. However, some Elixir users have reported that their power converter is not working. If that is the case with you as well then here are a few steps that should help you in troubleshooting.

Elixir Power Converter Troubleshooting

  1. Check DC Batteries

The power coming from your batteries to the converter might be fluctuating. This can cause you to get problems with the converter and it might even damage your electrical appliances. In order to check this, you will need to disconnect your battery from all the power sources that it is connected to. Make sure that you switch off the main power line before you try to touch anything.

This is to ensure that there is no current flowing in the wires. After this attach a voltmeter to the wires coming from your battery and take a reading. If the incoming current is consistent and flowing between 12 to 13 volts of power then this means it is working absolutely fine. But if there is any fluctuation or the power is higher or lower than these values then there is a problem with your battery.

You can get it checked or replace it with a new one If you have any lying around. In case of the power coming low, filling the battery up again with water should fix your problem in most cases.

  1. Check Battery in Monitor Panel

Your converter should show the reading of all the switches connected to it on a monitor panel. If the batteries in this panel start to die out then you will start getting problems. You can check the status of your battery by accessing the front panel. If they are indeed low on power or dead then you should get them replaced as soon as possible to fix your issue. Alternatively, if the batteries or cells in the panel are not dead then press them in firmly. This is to ensure that they are not loose.

  1. Fuse Might Be Blown

Most Electrical appliances use fuses. These are used to prevent power from entering the device in case of fluctuations. The fuse usually blows out if the power exceeds the given limit and this prevents current from flowing through these wires. This s a pretty common problem and can be fixed easily. Check your converter to see if the fuse in it has blown or not.

You can then replace this with a new fuse. These are pretty easy to find from any store that has electrical products. Make sure that you get the required power of fuse according to the model of your Elixir power converter.

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  1. New battery showing 12.8 volts takes a charge very quickly and goes up to over 16 volts; the acid begins to audibly “bubble”. Is there a charge controller in the converter that could be malfunctioning? I did not leave it plugged in to house power because I thought the battery might be damaged by overcharging.


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