How To Fix LCI Electronic Leveling Low Voltage Error?

lci electronic leveling low voltage
lci electronic leveling low voltage

Going out for camping or a trip hiking can be a lot of fun. It helps you in having a good experience and also lets people appreciate the outdoors. Although, if you are someone who wants to go out on long trips or want to take your family with you. Then it can get hard to manage all your storage. Additionally, it can be really hard to find a place to sleep out in the wild.

This is where recreational vehicles and motorhomes come in. However, these vehicles require regular maintenance on them which can be quite annoying to keep up. One simple way around this is by using an automated system that can take care of it for you. This will both save your time as well as keep you worry-free.

LCI Electronic Leveling Low Voltage

LCI is a famous company that manufactures electronic leveling systems for vehicles like trailers and motorhomes. These keep them balanced at all times as well as help in lifting them just like hydraulic jacks. This makes it easier for people to keep maintenance over their vehicles. Although, one error message that you might run into on these LCI electronic leveling systems is the low voltage one.

This stops the system completely from functioning and can be hard to deal with. Considering this, if you are getting the same error message then there are some things that you need to look out for. This is before you start troubleshooting the issue so that the process can be easier for you.

First of all, park your vehicle in a plane area and apply the handbrakes on it. This will ensure that the vehicle does not move around. After this, you should keep the manual of your leveling system with you. This is because there are many models of these systems that can have varying procedures. The guide should help you in troubleshooting and avoiding any further issues.

Check Batteries

The most common reason for this error message is the batteries on your vehicle. You might have stopped keeping a check on them. Alternatively, if you kept your vehicle parked around for a long time then the batteries on it might have died. The battery in your RV or motorhome requires users to keep the water level in them filled at all times.

Furthermore, you will have to clean off the electrical cathodes and anodes on top of these. Small layers of oxide start to form on them which needs to be wiped off. If you have not done this then this is most likely why your leveling system is not working. These oxide layers prevent current from flowing through the battery which can be annoying.

You can fill up your battery with mineral water and then proceed to clean it off using warm water. This should help in clearing up all the dirt from it so that the battery can start functioning again. If the power on it has died then the user will have to jump-start the battery using another vehicle.

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