3 Common Prodigy Brake Controller Error Codes Troubleshooting

prodigy brake controller error codes
prodigy brake controller error codes

Most camping enthusiasts keep large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes with them. This is because of all the features provided to them by these. Although, if you are someone who already owns a truck or vehicle with a powerful engine.

Then a better option for you will be to purchase a trailer instead. This is because these vehicles do not have engines in them which saves the user a lot of money. You can then use this on getting better features instead.

Although, one common issue that many people will have when driving a towed vehicle is that the trailer takes time to stop. This is where the Prodigy brake controller comes in which is equipped with a system that allows your trailer to stop at the same time as your vehicle.

Considering this, it can be quite amazing to use as you no longer have to worry about your trailer when going at high speeds. Although, some error codes can be found on the Prodigy brake controller. We will be using this article to provide you with some common ones along with their fixes.

Prodigy Brake Controller Error Codes

1. Error Code 09

One of the best features of the Prodigy brake controllers is the display built into the equipment. This provides its user with all the information about the device. You can use it to check what features are being used.

Additionally, you can even check how the equipment is performing. Although, one of the most useful things that this display can do is show you error codes. These will help you in identifying most problems with the device, resulting in them getting fixed easily.

However, before starting with this, keep in mind that these problems are not always due to the error code being displayed. The error code 09 in specific will flash two times a second or will provide you with a steady display.

This means that the trailer connected with your vehicle is being detected. However, the problem is with your batteries either losing connection or not working correctly. You can start by checking if all the wires are tightly connected. Other than this, you can also use a voltmeter to test the resistance between the terminals and confirm the problem is with your batteries.

If it is then first check the water levels on your battery. Additionally, clean off any gunk that has formed on the terminals. In some cases, the debris can get stuck on your terminals, you can try pouring hot water over this to soften the gunk and then remove it with a wipe.

If neither of these two solutions worked then there is a chance that your batteries might be dying. Trying to use another battery to see if that is the case. If it is then replacing your faulty batteries with new ones to fix your problem.

2. Error Code 0L

The second most common error code that you can get on your Prodigy brake controller is 0L. This means that there is an overload in your configuration which caused the device to shut down. Considering this, you can start by checking if there are no wires that had come off. Usually, an overload error is caused when the wirings on your brake controller start to get damaged.

Although, you should easily be able to notice any cuts or breaks on the cables with close observation. Once you notice where the damages are, try using electrical tape to seal off the wire.

Additionally, make sure that the cables are not coming in contact with the frame of your vehicle. Other than this, you can also try replacing the wires with new ones to fix your issue. Although, this is only recommended for someone who knows how to replace these electrical wires.

3. Error Code Er

Finally, the last error code that you can get on your device is Er. This stands for error and means that the equipment is having trouble trying to function. Considering this, you can try rebooting it or resetting it.

However, in most cases, the only fix for this is to contact the support team for Prodigy. Make sure that you provide them with all the information they ask for. This will help you in pointing down what is causing the issue and then getting rid of it easily. If the device is broken then the company might get it repaired for you.

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