3 Common Onan Microquiet 4000 Problems (Troubleshooting)

onan microquiet 4000 problems
onan microquiet 4000 problems

Recreational Vehicles and Motorhomes have limited amounts of energy in them. This means that you cannot freely plug in your appliances and have to keep a note of how much power you are consuming.

This helps the vehicle in lasting a much longer time while you are out on your trip. However, if you only use a battery to power up your electrical units then the energy will not even last you a complete day.

This is exactly why people decide to install generators in their vehicles instead. While these might take up a lot more space, at least you won’t have to worry about the power consumption.

One of the best devices that you can get for your vehicle is the Onan 4000 series. We will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that you can get on the Onan MicroQuiet 4000 and how these can be fixed.

Onan Microquiet 4000 Problems

  1. Generator Keeps Shutting Off

If you own any type of generator then one thing that you should note is that these devices require you to keep them maintained regularly.

This is important because the tank in your generator can start to gather up dirt particles. These will spread all around the pipelines and tanks and should eventually start giving you problems.

This is why you have to clean up your device so that this problem is prevented. Although, you should note that this process can also be really dangerous if you are a complete novice. In this case, you can either check for guides online to help you out.

Alternatively, you can contact a professional to help you out if you are hesitant. Though, it is better that you learn the procedure because it can come in handy in case of emergencies. Make sure that you with off the main power line beforehand to prevent any major issues.

Aside from this, clean up the tank completely using a solution of seafoam mixed with gas. You can then check the condition of your pipes. If these are damaged and have bents in between then it is better that you replace them. However, if there is only a little dirt in them then you can easily clean it off.

Lastly, the Onan 4000 MicroQuiet requires users to put at least 1/4th of fuel inside it. If it drops below it then your device can shut off at any moment. This is why it is recommended that you keep the fuel in your product full at all times.

  1. Electrical Problems

Another common issue that people get on their Onan MicroQuiet 4000 is it running into electrical problems. This includes problems with the wires or connectors as well as issues that might be from the internal hardware.

One simple fix for this is to send your device to a workshop or directly to the company. They will check it on their own and fix any part that might be giving the problem. But this will most likely cost you a lot. This is why it is better that you troubleshoot the generator on your own. First, check all the connections on it and tighten them up.

Make sure that none of them have become damaged or have been cut off.  After this, you can follow the manual provided with the generator to check all the hardware parts. There are four main screws on the top of your unit that need to be removed beforehand.

You can then access all the parts and test them out. Usually, the starter on your generator is what causes most issues. You can test it using a voltmeter and take a reading of the current values.

  1. Check Battery

If all the hardware parts in your generator are working fine then the problem might be from your battery instead. You can test out the connection using a voltmeter just like you did before.

However, if you notice that there is no current flowing through the wires then your battery is most likely running into problems. You can fix most of these by cleaning up the device completely and filling it up with water. In some cases, people might even have to purchase a new battery for their vehicle.

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  1. The leading issue with an Onan 4K is the voltage regulator failing. You’ll know when letting go of the start button it will shutdown. The second leading cause is the oil pressure sensor switch (bottom of crankcase). When it fails the same symptom as the voltage regulator. It helps to buy a ‘Kill O Watt’ meter to diagnose and adjust the generator.


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