3 Common Honda EM5000S Generator Problems (Troubleshooting)

honda em5000s generator troubleshooting
honda em5000s generator troubleshooting

Having a motorhome or recreational vehicle will ensure that you do not have to worry about taking limited equipment on your trips. Moreover, you will also be provided with tons of benefits that allow the user to stay comfortable on their trips.

Though, when it comes to using electrical appliances in your vehicle. The limited power on these motorhomes can make it difficult for people to keep using these.

This is why companies like Honda have come up with portable generators. These are compact which makes it easier for people to install them in their vehicle. You can then use all the appliances that you want to even while you are on your trip.

However, these devices can also run into issues as well. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps for the Honda EM5000S Generator.

Honda EM5000S Generator Troubleshooting

  1. Generator Keeps Switching Off

One of the most common problems that people can run into with the EM5000S Honda generator is the device switching off after some time. Alternatively, this might happen as soon as your start the device. Considering this, there are quite a few reasons which can cause this. However, the most common one is overloading your device.

You should note that the model you are using is quite compact and does not have the same power as standard generators. This is why the user has to look out for the number of devices they have plugged into their generator.

Using a lot of appliances at the same time will shut down your generator. Considering this, removing a few of your appliances should be enough to fix the issue.

  1. Generator Not Putting Out Power

Sometimes even when you start your generator, the device might not put out power. If this happens then you can start by observing the wiring. If these have gotten damaged then replace these or you can try taping them to see if the problem is fixed.

However, if the issue is not with your connections coming off or breaking then this can be due to the capacitors. If these have burned out from overloading then you will have to get them replaced. In some cases, the issue might be with your alternator as well, which is why you should take a look at its fuse as well.

  1. Generator Won’t Start

Finally, some people might even notice that their generator is not starting at all. Though, the most likely reason for this should be related to the fuel. You are either filling in the generator with the wrong fuel. Alternatively, the level of liquid might be falling low.

The Honda EM5000S generator requires you to put the fuel above a minimum limit. If it falls below this then the generator can stop working. Aside from this, if the issue is not with the level of your fuel then the tank might be dirty. You can clean it up and replace the fuel to fix your problem.

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