What is a Grounding Portable Generator for RV?

What is a Grounding Portable Generator for RV?
What is a Grounding Portable Generator for RV?

Grounding Portable Generator for RV

Electricity has become such an essential service that we sometimes forget how important it is and how much we depend on it, taking it for granted. It is only when there are power outages due to adverse weather conditions that we realize the fundamental role it plays in our lives and how important it is to have an electric generator that provides us with electricity.

Portable generators can produce power at any time and in a constant way, so no matter if there has been a failure in the main electrical system or if there has been a break due to a storm, we will continue to have an electricity supply, which will allow us to continue with our daily activities. For this reason, RV generators are a great tool as they provide electrical supply when needed. They are an option to take into consideration due to their autonomy and durability. And, they are very useful for all kinds of trips.

How to choose the right generator?

The first thing you have to think about is what appliances you are going to connect to your generators during your stay at the campsite. You also have to know how many watts add up among all the equipment you are connecting; you can know this by looking at the labels on the back or in the box of the equipment. Another factor to take into consideration is how many RVs is your generator going to supply power to. If it’s more than 1 RV, let’s say during a family reunion, grounding a portable generator is a good choice. If you are not familiar with this term, we will talk a little bit more in detail about this subject.

What does it mean when you ground a portable generator?

It refers to connecting an electrical circuit of the generator to a source that is in the ground, therefore the term grounding. The name of the source and component is called a grounding rod which will transfer electricity through all the connections. Before attempting anything, make sure to read the instructions manual for your generator, because not all of them are suitable for this.

How to do it safely?

If you don’t take proper precautions, you can get severely injured or even worse, so make sure to take all the proper security measures and use the right tools for this.

  1. Place the rod at least 8 feet underground
  2. Use pliers to connect the copper wire to the rod
  3. Then connect the same copper wire to the generator once you strip the cables

Recommended tools

Some of the most useful tools to ground a generator are wire strippers, copper wire, hammer or mallet, pliers and a wrench.

If you are still unsure about how to perform this and have any questions feel free to ask a professional or people with experience on the subject so they can demonstrate to you how to properly do it. Be safe!


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