3 Common Honda Generator Eco-Throttle Problems

honda generator eco-throttle problems
honda generator eco-throttle problems

One of the best companies that manufacture generators is Honda. They have a huge lineup to select from. Out of which all of their devices are equipped with numerous features. All of these are made to ensure that the user does not run into any problems. Additionally, you will find these to be much more efficient than most other standard generators.

Talking about this, one of the best features that newer Honda generators come with is the Eco Throttle. This service will adjust the speed of your engine according to the appliances you are running on it.

Considering this, the generator will end up saving you much more fuel as it is not running on 100% power consistently. While this can be an amazing feature to use, there are also some problems with it. Knowing about these will help you to prevent them as well as fix them if you run into any of these.

Honda Generator Eco-Throttle Problems

  1. Incorrect Fuel

One of the most common reasons why people can run into Eco-Throttle problems with their Honda generators Is that they are using the wrong fuel. You should note that this will most likely give you trouble with almost every single device.

However, in the case of Eco-Throttle models, the device will usually start to surge. The power on it will run higher or lower on its own no matter how much load there is on it. Considering this, if you notice the issue then there is a high chance that you have been using the wrong fuel in your generator.

As for the fix for this issue, you can simply replace the fuel with a new one. Just make sure that you completely remove the old one before pouring the new one in. If you are confused about which fuel to pick then you can check recommendations online for your generator’s model or ask the store clerk.

  1. Sudden Load

Another reason why you might be running into Eco-Throttle problems on your Honda generator can be that you had put on sudden load on it. This usually happens when you have a lot of equipment connected to the generator and all the appliances get started as soon as the generator is switched on.

While this does not cause problems on most larger generators, the same can not be said for portable models. Considering this, you can try lowering the number of appliances that you use to fix the problem from happening again. Also, keep in mind that there is a chance of your appliances getting damaged when they get sudden current from the generator.

  1. Faulty Pump

Finally, another reason for getting Eco-Throttle issues can also be due to a faulty pump. You can check the condition of your pump to see if that Is causing the issue. In case you do not know how to check it. You can even consult the manual to help you out.

If the problem is in fact with your pump then you will have to get it replaced with a new one. Though, one thing to keep in mind is that the pump in your generator usually gets damaged when you do not lookout for it. This is why you must keep the equipment in check to ensure there are no issues with it.

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    • That’s my problem too. Runs fine, but on;y at full rpm. I checked the solenoid and it’s working as is the vacuum valve on top of the carb that adjusts the choke based on temperature. Both are fine. If I pull on the linkage between solenoid and carb, the idle goes down. But I’m fighting against the solenoid.

      The solenoid, which sets the operating speed based on load/no load (I think) through 1)power from the generator electronics, and 2) a long linkage to the carb; never shuts off though, even when under no load. That might mean there’s an electronic solenoid control component that’s failed or the generator thinks it’s under load. Not sure what to do next.


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