3 Common Cat C7 HEUI Pump Problems (Troubleshooting)

cat c7 heui pump problems
cat c7 heui pump problems

Caterpillar is one of the best companies when it comes to manufacturing engines for industrial use. Alternatively, these can also be used for larger vehicles like coasters RVs and even trucks because they require a big engine to pull all the load on them. One of the most bought engines from this company is their CAT C7.

Cat C7 HEUI Pump Problems

This product has a lot of features on it and should last most users a long time. Although, there are still some issues that you might have with it. One of them is the CAT C7 HEUI pump problem. If you are having these on your engine then this article should help you out in fixing it.

  1. Change Filters

If you are having any problems with the pumps on your engine then you should note that one of the most common reasons for this is the filters on your vehicle. These are put over the engine to prevent dust particles from entering them. Although, these start to gather up a lot of dust and need to be replaced.

If you haven’t cleaned up your engine for quite some time now then the filters are most likely the problem with your vehicle. Considering this, you can purchase new filters and replace them on your own. If you are confused about the process then you can easily find a list of videos on the internet. If you are still hesitant then you can also contact a professional to help you out.

  1. Faulty Valves

The CAT C7 engine has two different types of valves. If either of them gets damaged then the pumps will start to have problems. If you notice that the IAPCV valves have become faulty. Then they can easily be repaired through a simple service.

The repairing process for them is really simple to follow around. Although, if the pressure valves have started to die out then they will have to be replaced. You should contact the company about this because the new valves need to be supported by your engine. Getting them from a third-party company can cause a lot of problems for your vehicle.

  1. Engine Oil

Lastly, if the engine oil in your vehicle has dried up completely then this also causes a lot of pump problems. You should consider replacing the fluid with a new one. This can be checked from the stick in the engine and your oil should be most likely dried up or very dirty. Although while doing this, make sure that the oil you use is from a reliable company.

Additionally, it needs to be filtered so that the engine does not run into more problems instead. Replacing the engine oil should help your pumps to start back up without any issues. It is also important to note that the engine oil should be replaced as soon as the mileage duration on it starts to run out. This will help your vehicle in performing better and also lasting you a long time.

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