Onan Generator Won’t Stay Running: 4 Ways To Fix

onan generator won't stay running
onan generator won’t stay running

Onan generators are not something that you haven’t heard about before if you have a thing for camping or you own an RV. These are basically the RV generators that are pretty small in size, yet you can easily mount them on your RV to have electric power for all sorts of lights and other appliances you might be having on your RV.

Onan Generators make the experience perfect for you with the perfect utility and right edge of power that you get to enjoy on them. These are pretty durable machines that will not break down easily and can handle the stress quite well.

Yet, you also need to make sure that you are maintaining them and taking care of the generators properly so that they are not causing you any troubles on the camping trips that you have planned.

One common problem that can occur on your Onan RV Generators is that it might not keep running and will turn off on its own after some time. If the problem is not going away, and you have to face it every once in a while, here are a few key troubleshooting tips that can help you out of the situation.

Onan Generator Won’t Stay Running

1) Check Gas

Most of the Onan generators run on Gasoline, and it goes without saying that you need to keep the gasoline filled in the generator in order to make sure that it keeps on running without any problems.

So, you will need to check on the Gasoline if there are any problems like that and make sure that you are topping up the Gas to at least half the tank to keep it going. If the gasoline is below the level required, your generator might stutter and shut down on its own, and that is obviously not something you would want to have.

2) Air Filter

Clogged air filter can be one of the main reasons that your generator keeps turning off on its own and won’t keep running. To make the combustion work in order to move the cylinder, the air filter needs to be cleaned up, and better if you are changing it on regular intervals.

A clogged air filter will block the air flow that is required by the generator in order to run smoothly and that can cause you all these different sorts of problems including the generator turning off randomly and it won’t keep running.

If you are facing such problems, you will need to check on the air filter and ensure that it is clean. If you find the air filter to be clogged, it would be best to replace it with a new one that is compatible with your generator. This is going to make sure that your Onan generator is not causing you any more troubles.

3) Oil Levels

You will need to ensure that you have changed the oil in your Onan generator at the right interval and that it is filled up to the optimal level. It goes without saying that the motor needs oil for lubrication and there are certain advanced features on most of the Onan generator models that will shut it down in case the oil levels are below optimal.

So, you will need to check on the oil levels and top up the oil if required to make sure that you are getting rid of this generator turning off on its own problem for good.

Once you top up the oil, give it a minute or two to settle down and then you can turn on the generator again without having to deal with the problems like getting off frequently.

4) Give it a Break

There are plenty of advanced safety features on Onan Generators and that also includes overheat protection. That means, if your generator is heated up, it will be turned off automatically to save the motor and internal components from any sort of damages.

These Onan generators are pretty sturdy, but that doesn’t mean you can keep running them for hours and hours. So, you will need to make sure that you are not running the Onan generator for prolonged hours. A few minutes of break after every couple of hours will make sure that you are avoiding such problems on your Onan generators.

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