3 Common Atwood 7920-II Problems (Troubleshooting)

atwood 7920-ii troubleshooting
atwood 7920-ii troubleshooting

Going out on camping trips during your holidays can be a lot of fun. However, some enthusiasts want to stay on their trips for a much longer time than this.

In this case, they have to store a lot more equipment as it is necessary to have an enjoyable experience. This is mostly why people who go frequently for long trips usually own an RV or motorhome.

While these vehicles will solve your storage issues. It can still be hard to live in your vehicle during cold climates. This is why companies like Atwood have come up with furnaces that you can install in your home.

Though, there are also some problems that you can run into. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some common troubleshooting steps for the Atwood 7920-ii. These should help you in fixing most issues that you might get.

Atwood 7920-II Troubleshooting

  1. No Hot Air Coming Out

One of the most common problems that people run into is their furnace is not blowing hot air. While there can be many reasons for this including your device being faulty. You should note that the usual reason for this problem can be your thermostat not being set correctly.

While most people are already aware that you have to select a specific temperature on your thermostat. The furnace will then keep your vehicle adjusted to that.

However, what they might not know or have forgotten is that the temperature has to be higher than your room temperature.  If your selection is the same as the temperature in your room or lower than it then the furnace will not work.

It might still blow out air depending on your fan settings but it should not have any heat in it. Considering this, simply adjusting the thermostat in your vehicle should allow you to fix the problem you were getting.

In some cases, the thermostat can also get damaged or its connections can come off. You will have to check the device for this but make sure that you switch it off beforehand. This will keep you protected and will also make it easier for you to check the wiring. If you are still confused then consult the manual provided by Atwood to help you out with finding the wires for your thermostat.

  1. Furnace Fan Speed Too Low

Another common issue that many people have reported about on their Atwood 7920-ii furnace is that the fans on it are not blowing out hot air properly.

You might notice that the temperature of the air coming out is warm but the pressure of it is not enough. As mentioned above, you can use your fan settings to change the pressure of your fans.

This can be done through the main control panel of your furnace. However, there is a high chance that your problem will still be there even after adjusting your fan settings. This is because the most common reason for your furnace fans to be not working properly is because of the vents being clogged up.

These usually require a cleanup once in a while to ensure you do not run into any problems like this.

Aside from this, when cleaning up your vents, you should try taking off their cover. You can then use a vacuum to take out all the dust in these and then clean it off using a wet cloth.

However, it is usually recommended that you contact a professional cleaner once a year to service your furnace. They will use proper equipment to ensure all the dust is removed from your vents. Although, in the end, it is mostly up to your choice as you can clean off the device on your own as well.

  1. Faulty Parts

Finally, in some cases, users can also have problems with their being faulty or damaged parts in their furnace. This usually happens if your device runs into an outage or similar power problems. Though, you should note that if you run into an issue like this then you should contact Atwood directly.

They have a support service that will help you in getting your furnace repaired. Additionally, if the device is still under warranty then you should even get a discount for your repairs. Alternatively, some users might even get a free replacement.

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